Gurkhas and "THEM"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by murff576, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. After reading about lots of the walts and wannabees with claims to being one of "THEM" there was one particular person with claimed comradeship to the Johnny Gurks.
    This got me thinking, do the Gurkhas have the entitlement to apply for SF training and if so, has anybody ever met or heard of one being accepted into "THEM"?
  2. First Nepal recruited Gurkha served with 22 SAS as a Trooper about 1995. Don't know how many since.
  3. There were three of them on The Balcony with me.
  4. Apparently the delay was due to someone telling them they would have to jump out of aeroplanes but did not mention parachutes. Mind you - 40 or 50 had volunteered before that!
  5. New intakes strait from Napal into Kluang 50's? :lol:
  6. a gurkha one of 'them' was on a language course not so long ago. lovely chap.
  7. 22 in Malaya 1956'ish were regarded as attack dogs infantry with no THEM connotations. The Kiwi squadron welcomed anyone who wanted a bit of experience in parachuting. It was not explained until one was on the plane whether that day would be jumping into the sea or tree jumping. I did a couple with some Gurkha military police from 17 Div but their RSM Chesty Reid found out and stopped it before they killed someone but the little lads were 100% up for it.
  8. I remember the story very well.
    My ole dad was an instructor having just finished MPF 56ish and returning after Egypt to Malaya (kluang). Must have been 57 - 58ish.
    Don't think he ever laughed so much with stories of what went on, when he came home each evening.
    Even so, he had high regard for the Gurkas.
  9. Not too sure why the Gurkhas have only started being allowed in to "them".


    The Gurkha Independent Parachute Company supported "them" and was trained and a selection run by "them" for operation s in Borneo during the '60s