Gurkhas and AAC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by tommy_jock_jingles, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Ullo

    How do I get in touch with the Gurkhas for a FAM visit? My ACAO has been snowed under by my requests. At the last count, I have five mini-vacations lined up.

    Bonus question: Is it true that QGR offers a longer tenure to flex your muscles as the plt comm.

    pip pip
  2. RHQ is in Winchester, try them.

    What is a QGR?
  3. Also try HQBG in Netheravon camp for Potential Officer visits.
    Who are QGR? do you mean Royal Gurkha Rifles?
    Expect a lot of time in Afghanistan, 3 Gurkha Reinforcement companies are being raised to supplement understrength Brit BGs (similar the 3 GRCs running from 96-03), as well as the Bns have a near continuous roulement there
  4. Afghanistan the eternal quagmire....helllll yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    If my browsing skills are up to date then the AAC regrds you with the skewed eye till you get through the main board right?

    And are the Gurkha's looking for superhuman feats of physical o the endurance? I'm sure I'm fit to the point of Version 5.0 but me thinks not fit enouh to compete with the uphill running lotus eaters. How do I impress the Gurkha reg? What do they look for in officers? I'm awesome with the Equality and Diversity claptrap. :D
  5. Respect for their culture, willingness to communicate with them, and the ability to spot when someone who's noticed you've failed in the above lobs a grenade into your office.