Gurkhas again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blasted, May 31, 2007.

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  1. I have been pushing awareness of the recent issue with Tullbahadur Pun, the VC winning Gurkha to some soap dodging students. The responce has been reasonable but i was however asked this:

    "Just to play devil's advocate for a moment, - and this is in no way to demean their outstanding contributions to our armed forces - but why single out the Gurkhas for special treatment ?

    What about the 2.5 million Indians who served in the British Indian Army during WWII ? They were active in many combat zones, from Burma to the Western desert, Europe and Italy, and 30 VCs were awarded to Indian soldiers during the war."

    I was going to jump in and say that its because we still activley recruit them to work alongside our own armed forces. We have paid tribute to all the people who assisted us in various conflicts, however they dont continue to serve our country.

    Is this right and what else should i add? I want to get them magey fookers on the right side for once in thier lives.
  2. He does have a valid point form a certain persepective, as Indian Army soldiers have certainly paid their dues in spades. 2 million volunteers for WW2 IIRC; the largest all volunteer army ever raised.

    However, under the terms of independence, they all became the responsibility of the Indian/Pakistani governments and while we might abhor the neglect they are suffering and quite rightly want to help them out where we can, they're not quite in the same situation as Rfn. Pun, VC who continued to serve HM after independence.

    Where this leaves the situation of Gurkhas who served the Crown until their Units were handed to the Indian Army is a pretty thorny question, though. I don't pretend to have an answer, only a response: Blood is thicker than water, especially once it's been spilt.
  3. I think you have highlighted the reason yourself there mate. We still actively recruit Gurkhas, so if anything happens the dont like, serving gurkhas can kick up a fuss. There are very few indians serving in the army now, and so their voice is smaller.

    Its wrong, I know, but i would surmise that that is the biggest cause.
  4. Thank you
  5. when i heard the news of Tullbahadur Pun, the VC winning Gurkha and the way he as been treated really upset me.

    The problem is with country we have could enough to employ gentlemen like mr Tullbahadur Pun, the VC and his colleagues but when they have retired they are not able to live in our country and have the care that they should be receiving .

    When are the people who we have voted in to run this country going to take notice what the British public want .

    I deeply feel ashamed how this gentleman as been treated .

    So please bring this gentlemans appeal forward and change the law to enable retired soldiers like mr punn and all soldiers who fight for queen and country are able to come to the u.k. to have the best duty of care which they so rightly deserve
  6. I'd argue that you aren't singling out the gurkhas for special treatment. Tullbahadur Pun won the Victoria Cross. That is why you are singling him out for special treatment.

    Would we not be equally outraged about any VC winner, from any part of the world, being refused entry to the UK?

    Hell, if a VC holder isn't special then who is?
  7. A very good point.
  8. At an Officers Club dinner and in the Corps rag some time ago (couple of years I think) there was an appeal to help out an old Indian Army gentleman who had fallen on hard times. I can't remember what gong he had but it was a good one and hard earned.

    Was more than happy to donate and IIRC so were many other people.
  9. Its wonderful news that Mr Tullbahadur Pun,VC is being allowed to come to the u.k. and live and receive the duty of care which he so rightly deserves . Its the best birthday present i could have wished for .

    We all cant wait for you to come here to a hero's welcome which you so rightly deserve SIR
  10. i would go further than that. anybody who has ever served in the british army is welcome to come and live here, as far as i am concerned.

    certainly more so that scamming nigerians, balkan asylum seekers and anybody else who leeches off society rather than contributing to our country.

    Unsuprisingly the minister intervened, he was on a hiding to nothing if he didn't.
  12. Perhaps the Minister had been kept awake by a mental picture of his own face in an aggrieved but anonymous sight-picture.
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Any soldier in the old Indian Army who transfered in to either the new Indian or Pakistani Army, became the responsibility of those new nations. Pensions and entitlements were transfered over.

    All Gurkhas regardless of their unit were given the options of a) transferring to the British Army, b) transferring to the Indian Army or c) demobilisation. A lot of people would have lost money on betting which way most Gurkhas went (JP Cross writes a pretty good account of this in his autobiography) which probably owed a lot to an active campaign by the Congress Party.

    I remember at the British Gurkha Area Welfare Centre (AWC) in Myagdi, I met one old boy who had served in WW2 and was applying for a hardship pension (c/o the Gurkha Welfare Trust), but was refused because it turned out that he had stayed on in service with the Indian Army post-1947 and was therefore deemed the pensionable responsibility of the Indian Government.
  15. I'm sure the same disscussion will be going on in 40 years time when one J. Beharry VC. Rtd. is trying to get medical attention.

    "Sorry you can't come in, you havn't done enough for us yet."

    We're talking about an institution that has let thousands of ex-servicemen and women born and bred in the UK "slip through the net" on wellfare issues in the last fifty years.

    I think its time we got a new net, as the current one has some fecking huge holes in it.