Gurkha Yeoman Warder?

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by foxs_marine, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Is it theoretically (or practically) possible for a 22 year gurkha to become a Yeoman Warder?
  2. last time we went on the ceremony of the keys drink up/guided tour,the lad that showed us round the tower indicated that to serve as a yeoman warder required THIRTY years of un-blemished service.
    he said that meant 'going un-detected for thirty years',no mean feat.

    we went with the royal marine,s association,and no branch of the navy has ever been allowed to become a yeoman warder,i think there history at the tower goes back over 900 years!

    so only eight years to go.
  3. 22 years not 30. Read on:-
  4. Yeoman Warders must be retired British Armed Forces SNCO's with a minimum of 22 years regular service, and hold the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (LS&GC)

    The first Woman Yeoman Warder has just been appointed with 22 years service, So who knows? A Gurkha may be next! What with the new Gurkha terms of service and British Citizenship, why not.
  5. I was always under the impression Yoeman Warders had to be retired British Warrant Officers, recipients of the LS&GC medal (?)
  6. Yes, I visited the tower a few months ago and the Yeoman Warder who was our guide said in order to become a warder you do need LS&GC and 22 years unnoticed... err unblemished service.
  7. They can be a member of the British Army or RAF so theoretically yes, a Ghurkha (with the 22 yrs, LS&GC, etc.

    Royal Navy Senior Rate/WO's are not entitled as they swear allegiance to the Admiralty and not the Monarchy. I believe part of their commission (or O.R equivilant) states "Monarchs come and go, but the Admiralty will remain" but I digress.

  8. We don't swear allegiance to any-one, we just work for the Lord High Admiral.....
  9. Interesting thread, Ghurkha could become Yeoman Warders but the pool would be small as most only serve 15 years, those that serve longer end up QGO's and that would make them in eligible

    PS there are plenty of post at the tower at the moment, as they don’t seam to want to be there any more!!!!!
  10. You don't have to be a WO. I know one who was a SSGT of 22 years service.