Gurkha Women

2nd and 3rd generation UK-domiciled male Gurkhas have been going main stream Army for a while, now: indeed, one was graduating from Welbeck this year and heading toward REME.
Gurkhas to recruit women for first time

I presume this will be in to the QGS, QGE, QOGLR & GSPS rather than the RGR?

I was under the impression a number of Gurkha daughters already served, albeit in non Gurkha units.
I am not 100% certain but I don't think that RGR got a 'pass' in regards to WGCC and the opening up of the Infantry to females. In addition, and unlike other capbadges, currently all Gurkha soldiers complete the full Infantry course at ITC (42 weeks I think) and then those not going RGR go on to Phase 2 training for their capbadge.
A large part of allowing women in will be a degree of self preservation. If the Gurkhas didn’t allow women in as the rest of the Forces are mandated to, they would just become a lightning rod for for equal rights groups and such and eventually be relegated to being a footnote in British Army history.

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