I am trying to recruit a small team of ex Gurkha security guards for a project in the Middle East (far away from war zones - city centre location). I don´t want to go through a security company or manpower agency. Any ideas? (I will also post this on the Gurkha forum)
Jorrocks said:
Thanks Poppy, I´ll give these guys a whirl, but I was really looking to source these guys direct, not through an agency.
may prove beneficial to your needs. get them while they are still hot. :D
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
You could try hacking into JPA and sending a posting order to 2RGR. :wink:
A few years ago the army gave out the addresses of soldiers recently retired to 2 companies who were bidding for military contracts. Vickers was one I cannot remember the other but both companies were not impressed with my dry martini skills. Ingrates.


Try G4 Security.

They have a subcontractor who are currently making a fortune using Ghurkas for PDT.
A bit naive trying to get them negative middleman/agency

Not gonna happen, would you pay them the going rate or attempt to pull your %
thegimp said:
A bit naive trying to get them negative middleman/agency

Not gonna happen, would you pay them the going rate or attempt to pull your %
I´m not sure what you´re getting at here. First off, I pay the market rate. But I´m not going to pay an agency if i can avoid it. My company, like many other contractors, already employs lots of Filipinos, Nepalis and Indians, and we generally recruit them through agencies in their country of origin. What I don´t have is way of employing ex-Gurkhas straight from Nepal. i trust this doesn´t offend anyone. And to the rest of you, thank you very much for your input.
do you employ your filipinos, indians, nepalis direct? Do you advertise, interview and screen each individual employee or do you get some one to do it for you?
Depends on the country of origin. The majority are Filipinos, and they have to come through a local agency because the process of obtaining permission to work abroad and the entry visa to the final destination has to be handled locally. For skilled posts (M&E supervisors for example) we interview a pool of candidates put forward by the agency. I have no objection to using local agencies, but don´t need to use European agencies (who also use the same local agencies).
Try Nepal, I hear that is where they originate.
Better not to. I was a director of Specialist Gurkha Services Ltd a few years ago and we recruited in Nepal. It was an uphill struggle to keep the guys out of the clutches of the sharks and Nepalese "recruitment companies", who would charge the Prunes extortionate amounts to deliver them to our gate, even though we constantly sent messages out via Gurkha resettlement channels, not to pay anyone anything.

I was arrested on one occasion and held for "questioning" by the Nepal police at gun point on the basis that I refused to pay kickbacks to the local recruitment Mafia.

Nepal is deeply corrupt, so I wouldn't bother doing the recruitment in country.


nd here for some contact references:

There is also t
he Gurkha Settlement Office in Kathmandu (I dont know why the poxy website is posting that as a link)

And:]What We Do | Gurkha Welfare Trust [/URL]This link will give you a bit of background info about Gurkhas and corruption. GAESO is only one of a number of organisations ripping of the Prunes.

Gurkha Welfare - British Army Website Some contact details here.

Good luck!
G4S have a gurkha section, the rest of G4S is full of fat useless twats,
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