Gurkha Restaurant Edinburgh?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by dundeeulster, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon guys does anybody know what the really good Gurkha restaurant in Edinburgh is called, because I'm in Edinburgh for a meeting in the castle next week and wanted to take my dad to it after! Is it the Gurkha Brigade on Leith Street?

    Cheers Scotty
  2. There's a good one on the Lothian Road and one near haymarket that I have passed and skeked in the window, looks nice.
  3. There is one in Morningside, but I've never eaten in it.
  4. Sounds excellent! the last time I was at the Castle it was the Gurkhas who were guarding the place, we were lucky enough to have a lad who had transferred from the Infantry to the Sappers and ended up in our Unit, he surprised us all by giving us a tour of the Castle and getting us into places the average tourist isn't allowed; it turned out he had been in the Pipes & Drums and showed us a picture of his former Unit on a wall in a Pub that was plastered in pics of the Pipes & Drums Platoons down the years, just down the road from the castle car park. Edinburgh, and especially the Castle, is a great place for anyone to visit if you have never been there before.
  5. Sixty

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    The Khukuri on West Maitland Street (just off Shandwick Place). I've only been in once but it was fantastic.
  6. Having looked into this a wee bit now it seems there are about 10 different Gurkha/Nepalese restaurants in Edinburgh, but thanks for all the replies so far!

  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Nearly. Gurkha Brigade is at the top of Leith Walk (Antigua Street). Never been in but friends have and most love it.
  9. Yep...

    Having made an extensive study of the subject... 8)

    The Khukuri is THE one.. :hungry:

    (I know some of the lads that work there)

  10. The one on Moringside Road is called "The Gurkha" and I can also heartily recommend it as my friends and I used to go there almost weekly last year for Friday or Saturday night dinners. Possibly a bit far out for you if you're going to be at The Castle, though.
  11. Thers is one just down the road from the Holiday Inn Express and across the road from the playhouse
  12. Wasn't that the old Royal Bengal? The one by Shandwick Place used to be excellent.
  13. That's ghurka brigade.