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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Corporal, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. Why are the Gurkhas treated like a red headed step child in Britain? They seem to be highly trained, extremely motivated and professional, yet they are treated by the government like dogs. I can't understand why they would want to serve.

    This isn't a dig or baiting, I just feel like I'm missing something in this story. Seems to me these are chaps you would want to have fighting next to you.
  2. They want to serve with the british army becuase it will give them a far higher standard of living and great respect in their country.

    The government treat them so badly as they know this of the gurhkas and therefore think they can get away with it.
  3. Briefly, a tripartite agreement was made many years ago between UK, Inda and Nepal, which outlined the way Ghurkas are paid, pensioned, and their rights to citizenship (or not).

    Fairly recently the Ghurkas went to court over the pensions issue. Unfortunately they had a crap lawyer, and lost the case.

    It is reasonable to think that the majority of people in UK would have no objection to equal rights for Ghurkas, but the government seem slow to act, as usual.
  4. Thanks gents, that makes a little more sense. Seems to me that 1. Any man serves 20+ years in the Army under honorable terms gets the same pension and benefits as any squaddie and 2. if said person wants citizenship, it's put on the fast track.

    Can anyone recomend any books about the Gurkhas?
  5. Corp,

    go to and search from there. There are a multitude of books available.

    I have served with them on a few occasions. Excellent soldiers, magnificent friends but they cannot handle beer.............much the same as you Yanks :wink:
  6. Yeah - but you WOULD want them on your side in a scrap! :twisted:
  7. Not forgetting the other weakness................ their love of goats 8O :lol:
  8. There's an article in this months soldier magazine stating that Gurkhas have the right to seek British citizenship but only if they left after 1 July 1997.

    It's about time they got recognised for the valuable contribution to the British Forces, but what about those prior to 1997 :?:
  9. I'd argue that, but we all know I'd be blowing smoke, don't we? :wink:

    Thanks for the responses, I'll be giving Amazon a visit soon.

    One more stupid question since I have you all here: Do they really carry the knives and are they as good with them as ledgend says?
  10. The Kukri is more of a working tool for Ghurkas often used like a machete and they also carry a smaller version which often has a finer blade. Yes they are knownto be very handy with them. There is a slight myth that once un-sheathed they cannot re-sheath it unless they have drawn blood. 8O


  12. RTFQ


    Yeah they still carry the Khukri (Kuhkri? Kookri? Big fcuk off knife) on their webbing. Not many people around who can testify how good they are with it (in itself maybe a statement of expertise?). Had the honour of seeing a Jonnie G slaughter a goat with a Big Ceremonial Khukri. I certainly wouldn't have fcuked with the bloke...
  13. I didn't put anything here! Software fault?
  14. RTFQ


    In Kosovo the other Lt role Bn was 2RGR and the locals were VERY uneasy about the Jonnies and their big knives. the assumption was that the UK only fielded them when we were REALLY P*ssed off and wanted to kill everybody. The serbs came to the conclusion that they didn't like it up 'em after all..
  15. The Ghurka's reputation certainly preceded them in the Falklands - apparently many Argentinian conscripts were so scared of them they just surrendered when they knew who was coming.

    I used to meet them a lot when I lived in Beaconsfield and they used my local. They were always impeccably dressed, ultra-polite but very handy, as the local scumbag found out when he tried to come in when barred and lobbed a glass at the barmaid.

    One of their best legacies is Johnny Ghurka's restaurant in Aldershot, though I gather it has recently changed hands.