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Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by MCube, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Would anyone be able to tell me if the RGR are currently allowing potential officers on familiarisation visits what with 1st Battalion currently being deployed with 4th Mechanized Brigade?
  2. Not until November/December (can't remember which) according to their recruiting officer.
  3. Wow speedy reply! Thanks for that
  4. I managed to get myself an interview for the 25th of August so it's possible to book one now but I think the next space is the 5th of August!
  5. There's a big difference between an inteview and a fam visit. I imagine Major Gay will continue inteviewing even though 1RGR are abroad.
  6. How quick was it before you could get an interview with the Major? I had my details passed on at the beginning of March and still haven't heard anything.
  7. Agreed but If this chap just wants to have a look round it should serve the purpose! Assuming that is what you want to do! In all honesty mate I'm not sure, mine was all done through my liason officer but it didn't take very long!