Gurkha Petition

I posted a bit about the Gurkhas High Court Victory on an ex-servicemans' web site with a link to the petition.

I have recieved the following message back from one of the members, I have emailed Kieran O'Rourke but haven't had a reply yet. Any advice from anyone?

It is great news about the Gurkhas and I went to the website to sign up. Unfortunately I could not because I live in Spain.
Now I know there are many ex-servicemen living in Spain who, I am sure, would be happy to support such a petition.
Although I am not resident in the UK I am a tax payer in UK ( as are any ex-servicemen) and I am entitled to vote in the
UK National elections. Although living in Spain I am not permitted to vote in the Spanish national elections. An EU ruling.
So how about changing the petition or developing another one for the likes of ex-servicemen like myself who live overseas.
Surely the more you can get to sign the better for the likely success of the mission.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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