Gurkha Paras??

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by PM-88, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I have seen pictures of gurkhas wearing the maroon beret, and I was wondering whether an airborne detachment of gurkhas actually exsists? If so who do you join to get in, the Paras or the Gurkhas?

    ...or do they just wear the beret to show that they are part of 16 AA Brigade?

    Just curious! :)
  2. I went to Sierra Leone with the Gurkhas and the majority of those there had wings up, my neighbour is a Gurkha officer who also has them.
  3. They are probably members of the Gurkha reinforcement company of one of th etwo Para Battalions.

    They wear wings and the maroon beret buth eth RGR capbadge.

    Other Gurkhas have also completed the P coy.

    The Brigade of Gurkhas is only an Adminstration grouping. All Gurkhas belong to other brigades.
  4. We had a Company of maroon wearing Ghurkas (C if i recall) attached to the BG at the Metal factory in 1999. They were from 2 PARA at the time i think. We used to have a hell of a time chasing them out of the whore houses in Banja Luka!!
  5. Isn't there a story about some of the little fellas being deployed by chute in WW2? A Brit officer was explaining that they would fall out of a perfectly good plane at x-thousand feet, and they took it blithly, trusting in him, that if he said it was ok to jump out at that height, it would be fine, and it was a faster way to get to the softie Japs.

    It was only later, in training, that he realised that they had no conception of what a parachute was ( and why should they have had? ) and would have been quite happy to go up in their CEFO, fly along for a bit and jump out...
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The Royal Gurkha Rifles provided a reinforcement company to 2 Para. In Nov 1996, men from 2 & 3 RGR formed C (Gurkha) Coy, 2 PARA. They were set for disbandment on 16 Nov 2001, but the war in Afghanistan broke out and C Coy were deployed as part of ISAF on Op Fingal. They were finally disbanded on 25 May 2002 and the men were posted to 2 RGR.

    Historically there have been two other times when Gurhas have had Airborne troops. Firstly in WW2 where they provided 2 Battalions to 50 Indian Parachute Brigade (which became the Indian Paracute Regiment in 1944). And secondly during the 1960's. When the Brunei Revolt occured in 1962, a Battalion of Gurkhas (along with QOH) had to be landed to seize an airfield, traditionally an Airborne role. Not wishing to denude the home base of its Airborne assets an Gurkha Independent Para Coy was formed in 1963. They went on to serve during the Confrontation with Indonesia both as a 'Fire Brigade' role and as long range patrols like the Guards Ind Para Coy and SAS.
  7. most youhappen to know if the post above yours (mine) has any basis in truth?

    I said WW2, but of course, such bravery and dogged loyalty was seen from these fine men in many a post-war scrap.

    I'd be genuinly interested to know if its true, or just "urban" legend, or somewhere inbetween.
  8. They also took part in Op Harvester in Macedonia in Summer of 2001, I was tasked to work with them briefly. Got a real taste for that strong tobacco they 'chew' when i ran out of ciggies! Anyone know if you can get it in the UK???
  9. The tobacco is known as Khaini, if that is the correct spelling. You can get it in lots of Asian ran newsagents and groceries shops. The little shop just off the roundabout in Colchester sells it, and you can get it in most places in and around Brick Lane.

    It will give you head cancer.
  10. londonirish, could be very true. Some of the scouts used in these times were also similarly unaware of what parachuting actually meant.
  11. The Kiwi squadron with 22 SAS in KL, Malaya, were quite happy to take people with them for jumps. Just a short ground lesson (more of a chat really0 and then up and out. When I was indulging in this "hobby", we had two quite old Gurkha officers turn up for a go. Laughed their heads off as they went. Dropped out after one of them got hurt in a tree jumping session but he and his pal both claimed wartime descents.
  12. Think there is an aspiration or might even be policy now, for the UK resident Gurkha Battalion to go through 16 Air Assault Bde as an in role para Bn from about 2010 (two years in role, then year out and so on). Seem to remember reading something about it several months ago.

    If you have an aspiration to serve with Gurkhas in a para role would suggest joining the RGR (although I guess you would have to be an officer). If you want to be a para join the Parachute Regiment.
  13. Gurkha Paras........"me" first seen 1963 Borneo........last seen Hong Kong 1980......Some done mosaque photography with a Lica camera...(Para) attached to Sarawak Rangers.......many moons ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. It is an old story and comes of that school of anecdote best summarized as nihil bonum sed verbum...pauses for light commissioned ranks only laugh, but gets hit by big bit of tumbleweed - or "if it isn't true, well then it bloody ought to be!"

    I think it originally goes:- CO addresses Bn and tells them that they will be Parachute Bn. Stoney reception. Explains this means they will be jumping from an aeroplane. Bn becomes restless but holds itself together and the Havildar Major asks "How high will we jump from sahib". "800 feet".

    More restlessness and the HM says "Sahib, 800 feet is very high!" CO replies "Yes but if you jump from lower your parachute will not open..." "Ahh-haa we will have parachutes? Naraamro sahib!!"

  15. Ni Hao.........Singaore