Gurkha Officers

Before people say anything, this isn't a Wah!

Going to Sandbags in Jan, and realised I never had a look at the teeth arms. But, their isn't any info on entry into the Gurkha Rifles as an Officer on the website, so just wondering if anyone has any experience of it or can direct me somewhere! Thanks
Several of the lads (including the SUO) joined the RGR as British Officers as opposed to Gurhka commission (QGO).

Have a word with:

Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas
Airfield Camp
Wilts SP4 9SF

Telephone:01980 628569
Fax: 01980 628564

ALL the Gurkha offs that i have met(both British and Gurkhali) have beeen tops. Once you get to Sandhurst you will be able to meet up with the Recruiting offr during the term 2 interviews.

If in doubt try to get a fam visit first.

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