Gurkha Officers of British Origin and the Khukri

I was wondering if anyone knew if Gurkha officers of British origin carry a Khukri or is it only issued to those originally from Nepal. I've tried searching the net to no avail.

British Officers AND Other Ranks attached to the Gurkhas generally carry the Kukri on their webbing (I was certainly almost encouraged to) and are often presented with a Kukri on their departure from the unit.

This is for the Corps', the RGR might be different.

The kukri is only worn on no 2 dress, 1s and ceremonials (pipers etc) by Gurkhas. Obviously the Officers (Britap and Gurtap) carry swords, and the British ORs don't carry the kukris or wear the distinctive Gurkha hat.

It's worth noting that there is NO formal dress regs for British ORs attached to Gurkha units. So a certain lee way is thus available.

Hope this helps.
My Bty supported 2/2 GR in HK way back in the 1970's Our FOO parties deployed with their mortar FOOs and we all used to carry a kukri - still got mine too!
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