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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by spadge, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. After reading up a little on this, I'm really interested in trying to join the gurkhas as an officer. The one thing that I'm curious about is to what standard are the officers expected to speak Nepali (once taught)? Must it be fluent, or is it just a basic grasp of the language?

    Cheers in advance
  2. I am also interested in a commision with the Gurkhas; well it's one of my choices anyway. Do you know any good sites for info on the regiment? I have found a few good sources if you need them mate.
  3. Would appreciate a link to the sources.... Unfortunately haven't really looked so don't have any info to return to you. And thanks biscuitbrowns.
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    Ref: language, don't worry you've quite a few hurdles to climb before that and it'll be the least of them compared with RMAS, selection and PCD. You don't need to be a linguistic ninja - your course and in-country trip will give you a good grounding and you'll use it a good deal. Learning a language at a high level / as an academic activity can be very difficult, using it on a day to day basis ensures you'll quicly become familiar with what you need to get by.

  5. Ok, Thanks
  6. Hi, sorry to bump this old topic up - how long is the language course in Nepal?


  7. Hiya. I knew a few Gurkhas when I was a squaddie. I learned a few phrases from them. They are quite similar to Hindi and Gujerati, and they can watch and understand Bollywood movies. So, if you've any Indian mates, it would be an idea to ask for some language tips.

    Meanwhile, here is your first lesson in Gurkhali:

    English Gurkhali
    Mero nam John ho My name is John
    Ram ram, Sir Good morning, Sir (use when saluting)
    Costa so? Alright, mate.
    Tic tac Good/ok
    Narambro Shit
    Teri Your
    Teri Mahrdi Your mother

    I also know how to swear. Remember, swearing in their culture isn't like the casual British swearing culture, so I will only post them on if you ask.
  8. You forgot: Jilli Milli, Rangi Changi Cha, Deri Na Ramro, Budmush, Ekdam Ramro, Hunza Sahib, etc.
  9. RGR is probably the hardest Regiment to get into at Sandhurst, however, serving in the Bridage of Gurkhas is an absolute pleasure.

    The language course is three months long and will get you to a survival standard. You will learn most of your Nepali in Barracks during day to day work.

    Key Nepali words: Dhal Baat, Khaini, Tomba and Dalle.
  10. What to they mean in English?
  11. Dhal Baat - Lentil curry
    Khaini - Chewing 'tobacco'
    Tomba - Home brew
    Dalle - ******* hot chilli
  12. That's great - thanks very much!
  13. Hold on you blagging twat, that's the starting line up of the Indian First XI