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I'm looking for a career as an officer in a combat role. I have considered RAF Regiment but the Gurkha's appeal more to me. My old history teacher was a Gurkha officer in the 90's and loved every minute of it. I need to get his email and ask him some questions....

Basically I would like to Join up when I'm about 19 after my A levels. But recently I've been thinking about joining my local RLC TA which is half a mile away from me. I could join that for about 3 years and then leave and progress for my chosen role as an officer. What do you guys think about this? For extra''life experience'' and would maybe give me a better grounding.

And how old do you have to be to join as an officer in the Army?

Thanks, chris ;)


If you want combat then the RAF regiment isn't for you. I agree with Hamwise, get a degree. I imagine it'll be hard to get through AOSB when you're fresh out of college. Also gives you a back-up.
Joining the TA won't hurt, gives you some experience, shows you're committed to the service and all that. Plus it's slightly better than working at Maccy D's for pocket money!

RAF Reg - Decent blokes (mostly), good training and fairly busy but ops tend to be pretty mundane. Consider Army Infantry or RM if you want a slice of the action, as it were.


GURKHA'S Being disbanded cutbacks etc.

(Thank you for your loyal service-now **** off.)
Craziness to go for Really Large Circus TA. Either join up straight away or go to Uni and join a decent combat arm TA unit. If you want fun and cheap beer join the OTC. If you fancy simply enjoying yourself and getting an education make up your own mind. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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