Gurkha Offer To Transfer (to AFPS75)

Gurkhas who retired after 1 July 1997 have now been given an option to transfer their current Gurkha Pension Scheme (GPS) pension (which is currently paid at approx £120 a month, depending on the number of years served and the rank achieved) to AFPS75 scheme of pension.

This sounds very positive in the outset and the media welcomed the news overwhelmingly.

The reality however is quite interesting. If a Gurkha chooses to join the AFPS75 scheme, his service prior to 1 July 1997 will be calculated quite differently. The formula for conversion of pre 1997 years to actual pensionable years is 1:0.26 (in some cases up to 1:0.39). Literally if a Gurkha served for 22 years then he will only get between 5 to 8 years pension instead of 22 - I find this amazing!

Can anyone explain, if:

a. similar conversions are done in pension calculations for other Forces/trades/professions?

b. who could have advised the MoD such conversion formula and why? Why would MoD implement a unique formula like this?

c. Is there anything a Gurkha can do to ask for like for like conversion for every year served?

serious replies please, a bit of fun will do no harm though!

When will these fcukers learn Manning control was deemed unlawful years ago, calling it something else doesn't make it different.

These people have served this country honorably for 200 years it is about time they got the same rights as other soldiers, can you imagine the fuss if it came to light that say Aussies or Kiwis were being booted out to save pension payments.

The amount of money this will save is peanuts in the scheme of things, Come on MOD stop finding ways to shaft your employees and stand and fight their corner for once.
I am thoroughly sickened by this treatment meted out on the military by a government that is supposed to look after workers rights. Clearly, that obligation stops outside the door of every military establishment in the land. Hopefully, the current excuse for a British PM will once again find his public image, and that of his incompetent and tawdry government hauled over the coals. (I hope also that HM Opposition take note of the recent string of defence stories damaging the government and vow to implement a more realistic defence policy, including a budget which allows the military to both go on operations and train sufficiently for those operations prior to deployment without having to cut other budgetary items).

I am willing to bet large amounts of money, and vital parts of my own anatomy, that if any private UK company acted in this manner, Broon and his flunkies, hangers on and incompetents would be onto them like a pack of wolves over a fatted lamb!

Ghurkas serving in the British Army today do so honourably and bravely - words which their lords and masters are in complete ignorance of. Those government ministers (inc Brown and Browne) and civil servants responsible for this reprehensible and immoral decision would be the last to admit it, primarily because they are incapable of recognising that failing in themselves. (W*&kers every one of them!)
i cannot see the problem the govt has in giving these brave gentlemen what they have damn well earned.
How much pressure is the MOD being put under by the Treasury to save money???

is it this or are the MOD just really crap at accounting and managing money???

Just another sick twist in the sad story of how low this atrocious government will stoop to feather its own nest.


Dunc0936 said:
How much pressure is the MOD being put under by the Treasury to save money???

is it this or are the MOD just really crap at accounting and managing money???

Yes & Yes, hope that answers both your questions,
You would not buy share in this shower of Sihte company if it were private.
To add my two penneth worth as all pensions now are based on your rank and length of service these are the two factors....

By the way top tip if you are coming up to 22 year point and on the AFPS 75 scheme the math says dont commute your pension..
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