Gurkha Murder (allegedly)

Big spread over the Mail on Sunday about the anger of the Judge Advocate who tried those Gurkhas for the alleged murder of that Belizian kid. He is not a happy man and is allowing the Mail access to the transcripts of the trial.

Having had warned the panel, not to have any contact with the Army whatsoever, he found a female WO1 (panel member) speaking to one of the prosection witnesses outside the court. She said that they were discussing 'mossie bites' (now there's thinking on your feet). A half Colonel (panel member) is alleged to have contacted other officers.

I wonder when the Army will stop believing that it is above the law?
more ammunition for those who want to end the courts martial system.

where do we get them from??????
I can't believe anyone would be so stupid..........

If found to be true I can understand the Judges misgivings - the panel was way out of order.

For those unfamiliar with the Courts Martial system it needs to be said that this is NOT the norm.
Mmmmmm, let me get this right (seeing as I'm pisssed). Nothing gets investigated and the evidence corroborated to ensure a proper charge is never presented?? Lets see.

My first charge, ‘Late on Parade’..........the charging officer's SSM give evidence against me as well as warning me before marching me in and after I received my charge, stating I was lucky, and unless I apologised to him there and then, he'd march me in again and do me a second time!!

My second charge I was proven guilty the minute I phoned the OC to tell him I had a crash. Er, ‘it was an accident, Sir’. ‘As if’ he replied. I was fined and marched out, plus extra long lecture by YOUNG SSM on driving. But I did nothing wrong.

Army investigation and prosecution...... Bolllocks. I was guilty as soon as I had 'committed’ the said evidence.

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