Gurkha Leave Entitlement

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by John_Gurkha, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Thanks mainly to the "fine work" done by the Daily Express in highlighting the "plight" of the Gurkhas the MOD has started a full review on all Gurkha Terms and Conditions of Service (GTACOS). One of the first changes to be implemented is that of leave and it comes in two seperate parts:

    Annual Leave Entitlement

    Currently Gurkhas receive 20 days annual leave + 8 days public holiday + Up to 12 days Religious and Nepali Holidays.

    From the 1 Apr 06 Gurkhas leave will be brought in line with UK entitlement 30 days annual leave + 8 days public holidays

    Nepal Long Leave(NLL)

    Currently Gurkha Soldiers are entitled to take Long Leave (up to six months) at public expense back in Nepal this is called Nepal Long Leave. Nepal long leave will be phased out this year. No further NLL will be granted from the 1 Jan 07. Soldiers have the option in the interim to take it or not. In its place will be something similar to that currently offered to Commonwealth Soldiers which allows leave every 5 years at public expense to Nepal.

    Any comments?
  2. John-G,

    Having looked at the figures that you provided for the annual leave entitlement, it strikes me that your men will lose 2 days a year.
  3. Will they still get the 12 days Religious and Nepali Holidays?
  4. No. They will not be eligible to take the religious and Nepal holidays in future. Nepal long leave (up to 5 months by the way) is optional this year until Jan 07 when it will cease. Married Gurkhas who retain their quarters while on Nepal Long Leave will have to pay quarter charges while on leave - even though only receiving Indian Army rates of pay.
  5. Will they now receive the same pay and pension conditions that the remainder of the British Armed Forces receive?
  6. Don't forget to mention that they now get LOA. Give and take!
  7. So then, in reality they're down by 2 days net, and have lost the right to a 5 month break and yet I presume that this is going to be spun as being a positive for them.

    Never let it be said the the MoD doesn't have a fcuking sense of humour.
  8. But they are getting paid the same as a "british" british soldier now aren't they? So they gain in the end?
  9. Gurkha net pay has been pretty much the same as for Brits for quite a few years. Wef Apr 06 they will get the same gross rates of pay (made up of IA and UA) as Brits. Tax, NIC and CILOCT will now be shown on pay statements.
  10. And the right to British Citizenship?
  11. No. At the moment they still have to be discharged in Nepal and apply to return to UK.
  12. LOA for what?
  13. They will receive LOA when serving in Brunei. Don't forget that Gurkha establishments reflect the need to have a significant proportion of the battalions away on long leave. With long leave gone the requirement for Gurkhas can be reduced. Any soldier serving in this Army should be on the same pay and conditions of service for the rank he holds.

    Amazingly there was a very cynical attempt by HQ Brigade of Gurkhas to limit the allocation of MQs to soldiers with more than 6 years service because to give them the same rights as their British comrades would in their (HQBG) eyes make them less effective when compared to British units and thus more liable to be cut.
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Will a reduction in the amount of NLL not lead to a reduction of married soldiers? Or at least to them marrying later in life.
  15. Probably not as marriages are arranged before the boys join up. If they have quarters available from the outset or at the 3 year point wherever they are serving it is likely to stimulate the urge to marry rather than anything else.

    NLL will mean more dislocation from the family than anything else, I think.