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Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Group_Captain_Mandrake, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. I work in a building guarded in part by an ex-Gurkha and I am aware that the people he directly works with are most likely not the most thoughtful or interested types. I would like to be able to greet him in the correct manner and throw a few phrases his way which show him that someone is aware of what he achieved. Can anyone here offer some phrases up, ideally with phonetic pronunciation as I am a language muppet. Also, try not to tell me I am saying hello when in fact I am somehow insulting him.


  2. When serving with the Ghurkas we always used RAM RAM

  3. Namaste, namskar, ram ram, - are all greetings

    Kasto hunu huncha? If you want to ask how he is (although this may lead to you being side swiped with a retalitory question in nepalese).

    I'd stick to namaste
  4. We've got about 7000 Nepali living in the Aldershot/Farnborough area now so this could be the new lingo around here soon.
  5. Yes you lucky swines, and the exquisite restaurant the Gurkha Square in Fleet as well!
  6. namaste is traditional; tic tac is like "alright?"
  7. Never tried that one, usually go to Johnny Gurkhas in Victoria Road though there's a new one opened in the High Street where Owls used to be, went there a couple of weeks ago and boy was it a hot one! Massive portions too.
  8. Up by the boozer? Hogs head or whatever its called? Awesome place.
  9. Chooplag Chickney Mootar - Spellings proberly not quite right :?
    but say it as its spelt and you will be telling said johnnie to:

    Shut up Mother F*~ker

    This may make him laugh however possible responses may involve said Gurking getting all kamakazi on you with lots of kukri action...

    Hope this helps :D
  10. That would rather spoil my day. I shall hunt him down and make with the chat asap.
  11. I also have same situation and not just one, about five of them.

    You are not in the City are you?
  12. Na Mast Tae (pronounced right I think)

    With palms together if possible.

    Try talkin to him/them. Esp if ex services, they are generally a freindly bunch and will teach you all the Nepalese swear words you need.
  13. bully-bet-o-lar = see you tomorrow

    Rhum Jam = half pi55ed

    sooba ratri = good evening (?)

    Kripaya = please

    Dan-ya-bad = Thankyou

    Toolow Duda & Toolow Quando = big asss & big tiits (though not necessarily in that order ?)

    vay-shay put-ee = a reference to a lady's chufff that's not as toight as it should be

    As choc-frog said, "speak to them and they will teach you all the swear words you need to know."