Gurkha gets f*cked by Blairs mob

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Aug 28, 2004.

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  1. A Gurkha soldier who wants to become a Brit and stay in the UK is going to get deported by the slack jawed fist f*cker Blair and his fawning lickspittles whereas any f*cking useless parasitic sponging illegal c*nt gets to stay.

    Bet the ugly wide mouthed frog bitch belonging to Blair won't help his case.
  2. Any links to this article?
  3. It was in todays Express newspaper but I have yet to find a link online.
  4. There was a thread on here not so long ago (can't find it now). Ex Gurkha bloke was a bus driver in Wales or some such thing. Same story ?
  5. The whole Gurkha business is regulated by international treaties. It would be nice to say that they have the same rights, having served the Queen for twenty years, as someone whose third cousin once removed once saw a picture of a British passport, but those treaties say that they haven't.
  6. A quick trawl of the other newspapers - from,,2-2004400592,00.html

    Another reason to get rid of this Government
  7. they let every other dross stay and drain us dry, yet when one who has given so much to us wants to stay they fick him over. I can see a link here- he's a Gurkha, a soldier, I get the feeling they don't like us soldiers..... :evil:
  8. Serve in the Army of OZ for 4 years and you qual for a OZ passport.
  9. So how will this affect our Commonwealth soldiers then? Will they be deported after their service?
  10. OK who's the c*nt that voted on the second "yes" ? :wink:
  11. So howsabout a "Starship troopers" style system where service confers citizenship and only citizens can vote. :twisted:

    Damn shame though, so bloody typical of this govt to turn round and and shaft them. If it doesn't fit into our glorious leaders "3rd Way" it's not allowed. :evil:
  12. Makes me mad that we still recruit foreigners while the Army is being cut!

    HOWEVER...we, as a nation, owe him and any other soldier who have pledged to put their lives on the line for the country. I bet he'll be kicked out of the country while that Egyption terrorist Abu Hamza stays here spending my taxpayers money. Dammit...makes me mad. :evil:

    Tej should stay. For God's sake, he worked his bo11ocks off to get to the rank of Sgt and the country's legal scum are treating him like dross.

  13. I have neer been a big fan of Jonny Gurkha, though Ihave never doubted his courage, or that of so many long gone Brit Regts.
    As has been said if this man was your standard sh1t heed illigal Cherry and her well paid gang would be Q ing up to save him.
    He should be allowed to stay.
  14. If we raise enough money on this poor man's behalf, and give it to the Labour Party in a brown envelope, he'll have a maroon passport before you can say "Mandelson and Hinduja!"
  15. That is actually a myth which has been propagated for years by the MOD. The Tripartite Agreement has been more honoured in the breach than the observance by India and Nepal for years, and has anyway been superseded by various bits of domestic law. In any case, a good few Gurkhas have now been given British passports on the basis of a. exceptional service to the Crown (and in my view, 22 years in the Gurkhas should automatically qualify them) and b. residence. I'm not sure what the situation is now, but a couple of years back there were various lawsuits being developed against the MOD after they persuaded the Home Office to stop issuing passports to Gurkhas on the above entirely legal grounds. A senior Police officer (who is also a TA Major) was one of the people arguing the case on their behalf, including fronting up to any Home Office Minister he could lay his hands on.