Gurkha Fam Visit

is this the full on all singing all dancing visit, or the interview?
The FAM vist:

Week long, lots of phys, lots of time with the soldiers. Great food.

Sat in on lessons/activities with the soldiers, as well as general talks from some of the seniors and pundit (Gurkha Padre) about Gurkha history/traditions. BIG empthasis (and rightly so) about spending time with the soldiers. As it was put to us - "you join to lead Gurkhas, so you need to know that you want to spend time with Gurkhas".

Brilliant week. Can't say exactly what future/past visits were like, as they were preoccupied with something else when I was there.

JWH said:
Good food is always a nice treat!

What level of phys should I expect? I have heard its around about para levels?

Cheers for your help.
I would imagine it will be quite high. Many years ago I watched a company of Gurkha's doing a speed march in full kit. The officers and SNCOs were running back and forth like sheepdogs encouraging the younger lads, even dragging them along to make sure they kept up.

I get the impression that the officers were expected to set very high standards. Those I met were without exception real "officers and gentlemen", however they were all very good at their jobs and a pleasure to work with (as were the Gurhka's themselves).

Top blokes!

Rodney2q said:
I get the impression that the officers were expected to set very high standards.

what he said - ours involved PFTs/weighted marches etc, but there was log races and runs planned (which got canned due to other reasons)

we had a variety of phys standards, as much as you need to be fit, a lot depends on how far along the pipeline you are. If you're 18 and on a gap year before uni, you've got a long time to work on it. If you're on the next RMAS intake then you should be smashing the phys. (If that all makes sense)


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