Gurkha curries

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by AbbotAle, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. I enjoy a good curry as much as the next man,but never having experienced a Gurkha curry I trawled the internet and found this company
    Are they just using the Gurkha name as a gimmick ? or are these authentic Gurkha curries?
  2. The only authentic one is the lamb curry we used to get issued as compo in Hong Kong. Blew our heads off and ensured the illegal immigrants we were lurking for on the border IIs smelt us coming from miles away... strong? 20 years later and my tongue still winces at the memory. ;-D
  3. Not sure of that company. In Surrey there's two bloody good restaurant's at Worcester Park and Reigate, both run by ex Gurkha's, excellent grub.
  4. Best curry that I ever had was from a grotty take away in Bradford, which if I was sober at the time I would never have burnt on the way down and on the way out it literary burnt my arse hole.

    I also spent some time with the Gurkha's and their curries were excellent, I also knew a lad who was on friendly terms with numerous Gurkha's so much so that they would take him out and try feed him their curries however, he used to refuse very conservative in his tastes...fool.
  5. Had some cracking curries when I worked with the Gurkha Engineers.

    They now have a shop in Cheriton High St where the RGR are based and you can get every thing Gurkha from there
  6. The ABF had a a gift basket of Gurkha curry mixes and recipes in their charity catalogue, this was a couple of years ago, not sure if they still do it. It was all prepared by an ex Gurkha. Bought one for me old man and he said it was the dogs nads.
  7. Ah the memories - as a student in Bradford I visited many such establishments. Madras + chapaties (no rice) eaten with fingers for 5 bob - bliss. Vindaloo was a life altering experience, I still recall the pain. In more recent times, a place at bridge of Don - amazing, soul destroying madras served by six foot six dude with huge bushy beard. thought he had escaped from the Hindu Kush until I heard his Scottish accent. He asked how the curry was and we gasped that it was hot. His reply "well what do you expect?" He had style.
  8. When I was with the Ghurka's,I can remember egg curry and fish curry that used the whole fish,apart from the guts.The egg curry involved loads of hard boiled eggs and made for some interesting smells after an hour or so
  9. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Not long returned from warmer climes where I was treated to my first Ghurka curry by the lads of 248 QGS (part of 21 Sigs at that time) - very very impressed, great food, exceptional hospitality and great people to work with.
  10. There's a copy of the Gurkha curry cookbook in the Arrsepedia (which isn't working when I went looking).

    Somewhere on here there's also a recipe for sprout curry which I'm daring myself to try - cheaper than turning on the heating in the autumn.
  11. Years ago when in ROWCO shares the cookhouse with the Demo Coy at Sandhurst, in the end the cooks had to stop us eating the Gurkha curries as we were not eating the proper food they prepared for us, what does that tell you, a number of years later when a member of what was the the FIBUA Training Team at Copehill Down was invited to lunch in one of the buildings for a full on curry lasted about 2 hours, great food will travel to get a genuine Gurkha curry.
  12. Gurkha curry house next to the duck pond in Weymouth....lovely grub, spot on service too :hungry:
  13. 105AVRE I have been to the Gurhka in Weymouth on a number of occasions but found it to be your bog standard Indian curry. What i'm after is an authentic Gurkha curry.