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Gurkha Chef wanted!

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by fuctifino, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Does anyomne have details of any Gurkha (serving or retired) Chef / Cook * (delete as appropriate to sensibilities) who would available to prepare food for a private function, Next Year! If anyone does please PM me with details.

    Thx in advance for all sensible replies.
  2. What part of the country?
  3. Good point well presented, Surrey / Hants Border, a.k.a. Aldershot!! i have alsked around but short of wewandering into the BGWS Centre on a weekend have had no joy!

    Happy to provide Transport and Accn as required!
  4. Speak to 10 Gurkha Regt Aldershot, cookhouse full of CHEFS looking for ed pay.Marry Xmas.
  5. Why not try the garrison at Folkestone? If no-one there can do it then they probably know someone in Aldershot (can it really be that hard to find a Gurkha cook in the 'Shot?!) or Farnborough area who could do it.

    Edit: No Gurkhas based at the 'Shot now, IOW. One Bn in Folkestone and One in Brunei.
  6. ask sainstone - sure he could prepare a curry (don't know about a Gurkha one though)
  7. There is a great ex-Gurkha curry house in Liphook.
  8. Everyother security guard in N Hampshire is Ex Gurkha. If you can't find one call the Security Manager at the AA, Fanum House, Basingstoke. He is married to a Nepalise girl and half of his staff are from likewise.
  9. There is a Regt full of them down Queens Av!
  10. Thank you chaps but I need to speak to the Sec of the BGWS anyway, ws just asking in case I could avoid looking like a numpty in front of him; in front of you lot it doesn't matter, Christ one more numpty in here gets lost in the noise;-)

    Thanks all
  11. Have you not tried in Johnny Gurkhas in Victoria Road? Top scoff!
  12. Fcuck it! £20 and I'll roll up with some vindaloo paste
  13. and a goat
  14. So it's a swingers evening then?