Gurkha beheads a Taliban - Ordered back to UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supermatelot, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Gurkha ordered back to UK after beheading dead Taliban fighter | Mail Online

    A gurkha on an op to take out a key Taliban player with instructions to confirm the kill has been ordered back to the UK pending investigation for beheading the Taliban fighter.
    They were originally planning on recovering the body but a gunfight ensued and in the mayhem the kukhri was drawn. This apparently upsets muslim sensibilities as they like to bury their dead whole.

  2. Oh dear what a shame maybe put the wind up them now
  3. More Human Rights infringed! Tut tut....

    I think he should be praised for quick thinking!
  4. After the hammering we've had this week I thought that this was a good news piece. I have to admit that Im pretty upset that soldiers are being blown up and flown home probably not in one piece. Do you think that Taliban Commander's are as worried about offending us?
    Good drills on the young soldier, he carried out his orders and in doing so proved the fighting Gurkha spirit is very much alive and would have scared the shite out of the insurgents.
    I bloody hope someone with some balls sends him straight back out to his Bn with the message that we are soldiers and not social workers
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  5. Why the outrage????? He was only confirming the kill; you can't be too sure that these little bastards are dead or not
  6. I beg to differ on that one.

    The daft sod should have just removed the Taliban leader's ears. Wearing a head on a necklace is only going to get in the way.
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  7. "The kukri’s heavy blade enables the user to inflict deep wounds and to cut muscle and bone with one stroke.
    It can also be used in stealth operations to slash an enemy’s throat, killing him instantly and silently."

    Read more: Gurkha ordered back to UK after beheading dead Taliban fighter | Mail Online

    My Bold - so can lots of things!! typical sensationalisation; it doesn't kill insatantly or silently.

    Good effort fella; we need to put the shits right up terry!
  8. At least they appear to see sense in the comments.

    I wonder whether the 'source' was either official or high ranking.
  9. Col Kemp: 'I have no doubt that this behaviour would be as strongly condemned by the other members of that regiment, as it would by all soldiers in the British forces.’

    This sort of thing always astounds me. Does Kemp actually believe this (therefore proving he is totally out of touch) or is he so used to spinning the party line that he has lost the ability to think objectively?

    Try finding any soldier on the ground who actually 'strongly condemns' this act. A. Terry was already dead, B. Heat of the battle, Johnny Gurkha decides he can achieve the commander's intent without putting himself or others at risk by lugging an entire corpse across the battlefield, and C. This is exactly the sort of thing the Pashtu will 'get'.
  10. Kemp is talking out of his well fed sphincter. However the problem is that whilst we want this war over and done with, and the locals have no problems with cutting the head off anyone caught, the Government of the day here in the UK won't support him. Lumley needs to get on this one quickly as the guy is going to get bounced by CM for political/cultural appeasement reasons.

    We should be first parading the outrage bus in support.
  11. What complete and utter PC bollox - which bl**dy squeamish officer bubbled him?
    Terry does this regularly to his own people and, if you read Macrory, were doing to our soldiers back in 1842.
    And as for a Pushtun's sensitivy for the dignity of enemy dead - read your Kipling.
    The Gurkha was only doing what comes naturally.
    Well done that man - give him a medal and get him back in theatre as an example.
  12. I think you ever so slightly missed my point.

    The sad thing is, he will probably be offered up with his head on a plate to serve the altar of "hearts & minds", as a demonstration of our on-going indulgence of eating ourselves from the inside out. It would appear that no matter how brave and heroic our soldiers are - their acheivments and whatever shit they have put up with can always be cast aside on a whim in order to pursue the noble cause of appeasment.

    I do hope this is just a case of Daily Mail over-revving the outrage bus and it's not quite as reported.
  13. Not that I give a shit abut the Taliban but do you think any soldier in the British army would get away with what amounts to desecrating the dead?
  14. True for a Brit.
    But the ethnic sensitivity bus goes both ways and this is not a problem for Asians.
    If it was a Gurkha officer who turned him in then he should be ashamed.
  15. Someone already made the point that if it wasn't one of our Nepalese cousins who did this, say for example a marine, he would be strung up for desecrating the dead, what the bells wrong a check of the pulse and the soldiers word he was dead and the target was the correct one? It only encourages the other side to do the same and if there is any truth in the story it should never have come out.