Gurkha badged ACF ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by static-line-pimp, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone wondered why we do not have any cadet detachments badged to the Gurkha's ?
    Every other regiment is represented (or so it would seem ) I just wondered why not RGR ?
    There are ex Gurkha officers to be found throughout the ACF but why no detachments ?
    In times such as these where we are all arguing against the government's shoddy treatment of our Gurkha friends I wondered why ?
  2. When I was a cadet part of the benefit of being badged to your local regiment was that a number of cadets later enlisted in that regiment - when I trotted down to the ACIO I put down the Queens Regt as my first choice.

    I suspect that the majority of cadets who do eventually enlist will not be going the commission route they might feel a little detatched from a regiment that they definately cannot join and recruits thousands of miles away.
  3. Are there any Royal Gibralter Regiment badged cadets? Or HAC? Or Guards?
  4. There are guards, I remember that there was an Irish Guards Det in Merseyside ACF when I was in the cadets, many of the cadets then went on to serve in the IG. There were also Para regt cadets who wore blue berets.
  5. There are Scots Guards badged cadets, not sure about the others though.
  6. there are guards, our county has a company of welsh guards.
  7. There's a 'Guards' Company in my county, 1 det of HCR, 1 of Grenadier, 1 of Irish, 1 of Welsh, 1 of Scots and a Coldstream one.
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I took part in EX MARBLE TOR in Sep 07. At the time the Royal Gibraltar Regiment was actively trying to get an ACF unit off the ground. I was interested because I had tried to get something going in Cyprus. I don't know what happened with the project and there is nothing on Google.

    Hants and the IOW have an instructor who is the daughter of a retired Gurkha and there have been the occasional thoughts of opening a detachment to woo Gurkha pad brats but then you open can of worms of potential racial discrimination etc.
  9. No HAC I believe or Westminster Dragoons/RY
    There are Guards by the bucketload
    As for fostering links from a recruitment point of view I can see your point but shouldn't the badging of detachments be representative of the army ?
    Would be a good community link for RGR to local areas also to have their local cadets wearing their capbadge ?
    Just a thought.......
  10. 23 Group have an ex Ghurka officer on their staff.... I don't see why their couldn't be a Ghurka det mainly recruting pad brats. I don't know how a Ghurka's kid is educated in the UK? If they go to a ghurkali languague school a closed unit could be possible. If not an open unit that mainly recruited from the marriage patch? I don't think many non ghurka kids would join, especially if instruction was in ghurkali !

    Whilst on the subject I don't think Int Corps sponsor cadet units... their missing a trick there, a unit in westminster or camden would garner them loads of kids who speak perfect (if chavish) English and lots of asian and eastern european languagues.

  11. To be honest is there any need for it to be a closed unit ...I wouldn't have thought so

    Most cadets don't have a scooby what the pro's and cons of each capbadge are when they join
    it would appear that "regimental pride "in a diluted form only takes place after they have assimilated a little.
    And cadets seldom join the unit they are badged to as cadets should they join up!

    I was thinking it would be more to foster a link between the Gurkhas and local community regardless of whether the cadets were pad brats ,children of ex Gurkhas or everyday kids the ethnic make up really shouldn't matter and training should really be identical to the remainder of their county /sector so instruction in Gurkhali would posibly be a little excessive.

    I mean lets face it there are plenty of ex gurkhas around you may be able to tempt some back as staff ?
  12. Come to think of it there isn't a Taliban affiliated detachment either, unless you include the teenage population of the West Midlands.
  13. Yes but they don't have capbadges.

    Hello Static Line Gimp dude.
  14. I was a member of 225 Tottenham Cadet Company (Queen's) back in the early '70's. We had a large number of cadets - around 10 or so - who on joining the Regulars chose the 17th/21st Lancers. The OC of our unit - the late Captain Alan McManus - received a letter from their RHQ enquiring why so many north London cadets had opted to join a north of England cavalry regiment. The answer lay in a poster on the wall in the cadet hut that some of you may remember - all the army cap badges on a green baize background, and the Death or Glory badge of the 17th/21st was simply the most ally looking.
  15. There are no RADC or RAVC badged cadet detachments and as far as I know there are also no QARANC ones.

    Artists Rifles don't have a badged unit either if I remember corrrectly although The Monkeys have one in Hampshire.