Can anyone recommend accounts, reminiscences or even tall stoteis told by the Gurkhas themseloves about their service in the Great War or the Second World War? There has been a lot of published material by British soildiers ever since martin Middlebrook and Lyn Macdonald interviewed old vets. But I can't find anything by the Gurkhas. British Gurkha Officers Yes. Gurkas No.

I can only find some of the books on the Indian Army based on a selection of censored letters by Indian army troops. Is there anything writtewn in Gurkhali? Is there anyien out there collecting this information from the Gurkha Vets.

If these stories could be collected in Enmglish it would be a good way to 1) promote the Gurkhas 2) proivide the insignths for this generation of soildiers about their forebearers.
I too was interested in finding first hand accounts of WW2, particularly the Burma campaign, written by Indian and Gurkha ORs. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything. I thought I was on to something written by a Dr Maung Gyi (AKA Manbahadur Rai) who proclaimed himself, among other things, a former Rfn in 10GR who fought at Imphal and with the Chindits.
He gave a pretty blood thirsty, 'though not totally incredible, account of operations in Burma from a Rifleman's eye view. His writings were vaguely familiar - they were plagiarised from John Masters' books! The man has since been exposed as a complete fraud - someone who, in another forum, could best be described as an Uber-Walt!


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"Gurkhas At War - In Their Own Words: The Gurkha Experience 1939 To Present" Edited by J.P. Cross & Buddhiman Gurung has some excellent first hand accounts from ordinary Jawans, but given the scope of the book the testamonies are short and restricted to a particular conflict. It would have been interesting to hear a WW2 era Gurkha's memory of his world view similar to "My Life Story" by Rambahadur Limbu VC which was a great insight into how and why lads like him enlisted and behaved in the early post war era.
The story comes from a Gurkha serving with a mate of mine in the pacific ...

He told my mate that there was a unit of Gurkhas posted in Papua New Guinea in the second world world. The Gurkhas would lie on their stomachs for hours in the jungle, waiting for passing Japanese troops. When some one would pass by a Gurkha he would lightly touch the shoelaces of the soldier. If the shoe laces were criss crossed then the Gurkha knew it was an Aussie. If laces weren't they knew it was a Japanese soldier. They would then silently take the Japanese soldier down.

This is probably common knowledge but I was totally surprised as I didn't know the Gurkhas were in New Guinea.
Gurkha units didn't serve in PNG in WW2. That story, along with others of varying degrees of improbability, has been circulating since WW1 only the 'Dushman' were Turks/Germans/Italians/Japanese, and the venues Mesopotamia/Palestine/Western Desert/Italy/Burma etc, 'cept the other way round regarding threading of boot laces - the British and Indian army threaded theirs horizontally not 'criss crossed'.
I've even heard a variation on this theme where Johnny Ghurka lay in wait in the Japanese latrines and when Jap crapped they would cut of his bo****ks , with a Khukri of course.
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