Gurkas getting ripped off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gadgwah, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. So much for promises made to them, although there always was going to be some problems with this.

    Interesting article.
    Hollow victory

    Any suggestions folks?

  2. The title of the piece sums it up perfectly. A very sad tale.

  3. Im sure Joanna has a nice big house :D
  4. Very interesting Gadgwah, which posed more questions than answers, I think.

    Where do you draw the line on this though? I`m thinking in particular of the guy that served four years, and now demands a free house and passage for his family. It`s a difficult situation that has not been handled well at all. Have in fact, any criteria been drawn up for those who do and those that don`t qualify for the limited help that is offered?
  5. A sad tale for sure however a predictable outcome. I feel that the burden to military charities and the tax payers is going to be a strain for many years to come and judging from the outcome of this story is it for the best? Oh well people with more brains than me will come up with a solution........ Wont they!
  6. That was why I did not comment too much, on the one hand you get a Gurkha who gets a pension after 4 years and has never served in UK, cannot speak English etc, There is a bit of WHY? there.
    But it is also the propaganda being told to them, and the £500 fee etc.
    It actually fills me with despair that some shylocks will do this and condemn a family back in Nepal to poverty, can't the Cnuts at least be honest with them, Can't the Gurkha Welfare Trust deal with this rather than some money grabbing bastards.
    I just don't know.

  7. Whilst the situation for the Ghurkas who move over here is disgraceful - can anyone really think that other things the Mail has written is right.

    "In a further conundrum, this investigation has discovered that the old soldiers' 'trades union', the Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen's Organisation (GAESO) in Nepal, is charging each veteran £500 in cash for UK visa advice while weaving rosy tales about life here, which is ramping up the numbers setting off.

    At GAESO's Nepal offices, solicitors from a top firm of London human rights lawyers, Howe & Co, also receive a legal aid fee of up to £500 from the British Government for each old soldier and each family member they help fill in a UK visa application.

    It is proving a gold mine for all concerned - apart from the Gurkhas themselves. For the old soldiers have been betrayed a second time."
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes they certainly can. The GWT is a superb organisation that has done a hell of a lot for ex-Gurkhas and their communities in Nepal for decades. It saddened, but really didn't surprise me that GAESO started this bandwagon. They were a bunch of charlatans when I first came across them a decade ago and seem to have worsened over time.

    I remember too, Howe & Co responding to an article by FM Dwin Brammall: Don't be sentimental, we have treated the Gurkhas well, by pretty much accusing him of being a New Labour lickspittle etc. And lets face it the same sentiment was bandied about on these boards whenever anyone dared raise such heretical views.

    For what it's worth, the British government do have an advisory office in Kathmandu for ex-Gurkhas wishing to resettle in the UK which provides an accurate portrayal of life here as well as practical information on resettling. Naturally GAESO and others have accused it of being a propaganda ploy by a perfidious British Government hell-bent to dissuade ex-Gurkhas from taking up their rightful option of living in the UK.
  9. That's a pretty true reflection of the facts. The whole thing was motivated by money, with the welfare of the Gurkhas pretty low down on the list.
    And an awful lot of people fell for the propaganda put out by these people and anyone with an alternate point of view was shouted down.

    Now it's coming home to roost
  10. Now I may have got GAESO mixed up with the other organisation but I cannot believe the people at Howes are into ripping the Ghurkas off after they did so much beforehand - and pro bono.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Trust me mate, having sat down and talked with them whilst working in Pokhara, GAESO are at very best run by a bunch of spivs. There are many decent blokes in its membership, but it has always been a scam.

    Howe & Co, no doubt think they're doing the right thing as of course did Ms Lumley. Frankly though, they'd have to be pretty bloody naive if they can't see through GAESO after spending ten minutes with them.
  12. is anyone else as uncontrollably furious as i am about this? while some p@ki bastard spouts his racism and filth in luton and still gets benefits for it, this poor bloke is living in a fcuking bedsit? it's a p!sstake.
  13. I agree that Joanna was acting out of the best of motives but have to disagree with the other part, Howe & Co are mainly immigration lawyers, it's what they do and do quite well out of it. The more Gurkhas they act for, the more money they make. Declaring the odd freebie helps their image but they are not a charity, it's a business for them.
  14. And the fact that they worked pro bono so much of the time?
  15. And who might have said that? Not the same Howe and Co who get approx £500 from taxpayers money for each Gurkha they process?

    Ok if you think they are in it for purely altruistic motives, it's your opinion and you are welcome to it. Let's agree to differ.