Gurka Rifles Military History Records.

My old dad was commissioned into the 2nd Battalion, 7th Gurka Rifles as a Second Lieutenant in 1940. He went right through WW2 unscathed. At one period as an acting Captain, he became the Adjutant of the 2nd Batallion 7th Gurka Rifles. He finished the war as an a Major.

Would the War Diaries and Records of these war time units be held her in the UK? I did contact the National Archives a few years ago, and for a fee of around £30-00 I think, I only got a 'potted' history of my dad's postings during the war. Would there be any more detailed regimental records that could be accessed by the public on now deceased relatives of their?


Mine was similarly commissioned into an Indian Army unit. They remain on the Burmese Army ORBAT, but nonetheless I was able to obtain the full War Diary from the National Archive. There's every chance that you'll find him mentioned.

Old Rat
Apply to the National Army Museum for a reader card ( if that's what it is still called), think they still have some Indian army records

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