Gurka honoured for single handed firefight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Little_Lion_Man, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Good on him but I can't help wondering what the rest of the FOB was doing whilst he singlehandedly fought off these 30 insurgents.
  2. Seen a interview on the BBC earlier and it said when he run out of rounds he then went on to use the GPMG tripod to hold the talib shit bags. Ninja.
  3. Just a fackin civvi's perspective, but why did he have to fight them on his own?
  4. Everyone else was on room inspections.
  5. Poor int. It was Tuesday morning sheet exchange.
  6. Ah i thought it was that or everyone was on a 15 mile extended file litter sweep to Kabul.
  7. Seems a little odd to have to resort to bits of tripod to hit people - didn't he have a kukri with him?
  8. Just watched this on the box, the Maj.Gen. presenting the gong had an odd looking green diamond-shaped badge on the left arm of his SD. on closer inspection it looks distinctly French - inverted chevrons with the old flaming grenade symbol.
    What's that all about, anyone know?

    Kudos to Johnny G. by the way.
  9. Perhaps he's not very popular, and everyone else was holding back with their fingers crossed.
  10. That's Sunday morning....
  11. Four hundred rounds and he got three? At this very moment, Abu Bin Tropper is adding ''One dark night in the desert, I came face to face with death'' to his sig block on the Taliban Rumour Service.
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  12. Although it's been many years since I toted a Tripod (no, not a euphemism) I'm pretty certain that there aren't any spare, rod-like, bits on it with which you can readily smite the wily Pathan, unless of course, the gutsy little bugger has torn a leg off it, in which case my admiration for the Gurkhas has clearly been insufficient to date?
  13. Given that he 'only' got a CGC for a fairly stunning piece of work, one wonders what sort of threshold one has to achieve in order to get a VC nowadays?

    I'm in sheer awe of what he did, which to my simple brain seems worthy of a VC!
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  14. Beat me to it. The L7 tripod is sturdy, and the legs only come off if you have an allen key, and a spanner handy.