Gurhka Veterans allowed into UK!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Good news.

    I wonder what threat or behind the scenes stuff prompted the government into doing this, I'm sure it wasn't from a newly discovered sense of right and wrong....
  2. Excellent news for the Gurhkas!
  3. Excellent news, just a shame that it took so long.
  4. "Gurkhas have fought alongside British soldiers for nearly 200 years — 200,000 fought in the world wars and 45,000 have died in action. "

    This is going to be a difficult post to do.
    I spent a year serving alongside 10 GR in Brunei, 79-80.
    My father assured me when he was alive that a Gurkha patrol saved his life in Burma, or I would never have become the twinkle in my fathers eye.
    Much to be said that's positive about Johnny Gurkha.
    But No One will ever convince me that the Gurk of my day was the same man as the ones who saved my father, let alone the ones beloved by one of my favourite authors John Masters. His books on his military service in 2/4 GR are classics, that should be read by all who wear HM's uniform and do show an interest in it's well being and future.
    Pre WW II they where uneducated and a 'Simple' soul, very susceptible to training and service in a Warrior Class.
    Loyal and fearless I do not doubt.
    The ones I knew where not simple souls, they had received some education and where much to my surprise wise to the ways of the world.
    They still had that cheeky spirit that's often commented on and where willing workers and only to ready to show a positive attitude.
    We never heard anything about 'Socialist' insurrections in Nepal back in my time but I am convinced it's idea had been sown back then and was already in their minds.
    All Brit Officers are adamant they must never be referred to them as Mercenaries, but they are.
    Nepal was never part of the Old Empire and Johnny G will and does serve quite happily for they who will pay.
    Sultans of Brunei and Oman come immediately to mind let alone the Indian Government who employs so many Battalions.
    We do owe them something for their service and there have been so many positive stories about ex Gurkha's working in difficult jobs in UK.
    A good friend of mine regularly uses a Gurkha run Taxi service to and from Heathrow and he is a, none serviceman, who speaks highly of the smart polite well dressed man who runs him around.
    Do we own their Families and extended families a UK lifestyle ?
    I am open to polite debate on any subject.
  5. Brown and New Liarbours popularity ratings going down the pan so fast possibly hoping this might give them a boost ??
    Gurkhas have a lot more right to be in the UK than all the rest of the scroungers who have either been allowed or have got in illegally and not been kicked out
  6. Well about Bloody time too
  7. Jonwilli

    I believe that anyone who wears the British uniform and finishes thier contract should be allowed the right to live and work in the country they served.
    Good on the Gurhkas
  8. Marvellous news! Although it's disgraceful that it didn't happen long ago as a matter of course.

    The downside is that I'll no longer receive any more e-mails from the delightful Joanna Lumley.

  9. Yes Bell206
    I believe that anyone who wears the British uniform and finishes thier contract should be allowed the right to live and work in the country they served.
    Good on the Gurhkas "

    I too have no problem with that.
    Many years ago, 40 ish, I can still remember an old friend now long gone. He was foreman in a Cotton Mill.
    He helped one of his oriental workers get their Parents into UK, Letters to MP and organizations.
    The family was eternally grateful and after he got to know them well they admitted that entire episode was first get a son working in UK then he brings in Mother & Father then Uncle Tom Cobbly and ALL. Many of the Corner Shops in UK and small businesses are financed by the 'Tribe' back home to get a educated worker into UK and from little acorn great Oaks grow.
    I will answer any Polite comments on my Posts.
  10. About time

    Ayo Gurkhali!

    Right, where's Jo Lumley? Naked Bar!
  11. A similar scheme served us well enough for 300-odd years out in their neck of the woods.

    I think the teacher should always be proud when the pupil learns his lesson well.
  12. Technically they may be mercenaries but I think that is immaterial. They perform a hell of a job bloody well, and on less pay than a regular British or Commonwealth soldier.

    If they complete their contract and are not criminals (which none of them are to my knowledge) then come one, come all. If all immigrants had the tenacity, sense of honour and service and the same work ethic as these men then the UK would be a far richer place, both culturally and financially.

    As the man said "Ayo Gurkhali" and not a moment too soon.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I'm for it, 35,000 of which few will probably want to come. I can only imagine what the stories of chav underclass getting back to the Orient will do for our reputation.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Outstanding result - and long overdue. I'm sure they will be welcomed with open arms by the millions in the UK who are aware of the outstanding Ghurka contribution to our way of life, and protecting it.