Gunshot wound treatment kit

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by KiwiCop, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. I would like some help and advice please.... As my name suggests I am a policeman in New Zealand. Up until 3 years ago I was UK Plod, working on ARVs. I was also a Team medic - and (read this in bold) whilst I in no way would pretend that we had anything like the skills and experience of some people on this site - we had a fair skill set for what we did, with training run by a specially employed paraedic, and local consulting surgeon.

    Where I work there is no first response to gunshots that I would necessarily jump for joy to see, if I needed their services pronto. I do not want to do anyone a dis-service, but many steps forward in this area have passed NZ by. Just not the pooled knowledge that Herrick and other conflicts have provided by experience.

    Police aid is pretty much limited to health and saftey first aid (30-2 CPR, AED and pressure on a bleed) and kit limited to an expired first aid kit in the back of the car, which might have a couple of bandages and the inevitable forty triangular bandages...

    My concern about GSW is based on the fact that something like 9 cops have been shot in the past 2 years - NZ Police is about 8500 cops - a little bigger than Thames Valley Police to put it into perspective - and I'd like to do something to assist with survival. Often people work a long way from hospital etc

    I want to mke a proposal to the bosses to have a very basic training programme, emphasising dealing with a catastrophic bleed first and formost, using shears to strip a casualty to locate injuries, and then having access to CATs, "Israeli Dressings" and Quikclot ACS or Celox, which is licensed in NZ.

    I would plan to introduce this with the cooperation of the local health services who would receive the casualty.

    So - within the circumstances described here - is this do-able, or a case of a little knowledge being too dangerous? I am focussed on GSW and major bleeds, where life is in danger, med assistance possibly a while away/ avail by helicopter.

    And what is the received wisdom on Quickclot ACS versus Celox granules versus Celox guaze. (I received training on Quikclot ACS in UK and have only heard the Celox sales agent's views here so I want an unbiased opinion).

    This is a question from someone who wants to make a positive change in an organisation sometimes a little resistant to change, but which at this point in time might be ready to consider it.

    Thank you for any help.
  2. What happened to the good old days where you bit the head off your 7.62, poured the cordite onto the wound, and lit it with a cigar-end to cauterise the wound?!?!?!! I saw Rambo do it twice, so it must be real.
  3. Although I am in no way a medic, a tampon for the entry wound and a first field dressing for the exit, then torniqued if a limb would seem logical and simple.

    I now await ridiclule from the qualified masses.

    Bumped to say; Come on you medics, a real genuine question on arrse (a rarity).
  4. To make judgement or suggest a change, it would need to be evidence based. If the medics are close enough to deal with the patient, leave it alone. If evidence suggests that mortality is reduced due to geography, then the whole estimate needs reviewing. CELOX is good, but may not be the answer.