Gunship pilot's home movies from Vietnam-Laos

35 minutes in team loading all carrying Ak's
Crew chief / door gunner has a Thompson with the stock taken off .

Funny to think peoples home movies become historical documents .
At 7.57 a mortar with a couple of tubes (shock absorbers ) attached both sides ?
Never seen it before, can't reason why.

But I was A/ Tk Pln so what would I know .


War Hero
35 minutes in team loading all carrying Ak's

Members of the group have been known to use the Chinese Type 56 AKM and the AK-47.
If a firefight ensued between SOG and the NVA or VC, they would become confused hearing weapons they were familiar with firing at them.
Also, SOG were taught to use a variety of weapons in case their weapons became damaged or rendered useless; they had the training to pick up one from an enemy or swap out the appropriate parts needed to go on with the fight.

Behind Enemy Lines: Weapons of Vietnam’s Covert Warriors - Soldier of Fortune Magazine

I have read the autobiography of this bloke - very interesting

Franklin D. Miller - Wikipedia
Anyone who runs is a VC, anyone who stands still is a well disciplined VC ?
close enough.

it's one of the two film clips I used to use to describe the arrival of dustoff during pre-tour training! The other clip of course had a well known piece of classical music and helicopters.

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