Guns of Icarus Online


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I've been keeping half an eye on this since it popped up for pre-order on Steam some months back. Steampunk air warfare on Zeppelins where you fight as a small crew rather than an individual or even a loose squad - definitely something a little different to the current batch of online games!


Apparently there's a single-player game been out for some time, which got a bit of a slating. That said, the concept seems fairly interesting so I had a rummage around the Steam forum and found one of their developers not only apologising for the mistakes of the original, but offering free product keys for the beta testing! I sent a quick email to them at with a sob story about being interested in the game and they sent me one code for myself and another four to share with my mates. They seem like an approachable bunch and that's always been a good sign in an indie game.

By all accounts it's buggy as buggery at the minute, but it is in beta so some leeway should be expected. At least this gives me the opportunity to decide if I want to make the most of the 25% pre-order discount before next month's release.

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