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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by longjohns, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. I'm trying to find a decent bowie knife, but everywhere I look I can only find OTT Rambo Walt knives or knives for the mantlepiece. Anyone got any idea where I can find a quality, useful bowie that won't shatter the first time I try to do something practical with it?

    I promise not to wear it upside down taped to my webbing, although the temptation is strong...

    Any help appreciated.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You use the words quality, useful and bowie in the same sentence...... :?
  3. Here you go my old mucker! Useful and practical!!!!! :D
  4. Without wishing to put you off, spending on a Bowie that will be confiscated by the RAFP the first time you fly back to UK from Ops may not be the way ahead.

    Just a thought.
  5. Has anybody actually found a use for a knife such as mentioned??? Fair enough if your in the trees but the rest of the time a big knife is just an example of how little you work!

    Take Harleys advice and buy a leatherman. If you need something to stick the Taliban with your too close!

    Your not a medic are you??? Or possibly in the SPS.
  6. Bowie knives are only useful if you are fighting Bears (the grizzly type not the big beardy gay man type).

    You can pick up a Leatherman or Gerber on Ebay for a fraction of the price (Shipped from the USA).
  7. Because they can.

    Mate of mine is still trying to get two khukris back that were confiscated when he returned to UK from Germany. They were presents from the old unit and shooting team.

    Reason for theft, sorry, confiscating: You can only have them if you're a Gurkha.
  8. I'm not an advocate of big blades, but I accept that for some people in some situations, they have their uses.

    Over the years I've bought several knives from Attleborough Accessories and can thoroughly recommend them.
    They sell a sensible range of knives, no sawback Rambo models or daggers, just proper blades for hunters and outdoorsmen.
  9. Wrong.
  10. Cold steel srk is a good fixed blade .Brought one in iraq when I needed it
    it didnt let me down .(used it too lever open a car door rather than fight off insurgents :D ) .sold it too a mate and watched crab confiscate it .
    Maybe he shouldn't have said "I 'm infantry I need it to kill people don't I" but doubt it would have made a diffrence .Have a leatherman in your belt and thats theirs bastards .
  11. Good shop selling sensible kit and always willing to talk about their stuff at the game fairs. The unpronounceable Swedish/Finnish knives are good without being too far down the willy-waving road.

    If you want something that's not too 'crocodile hunter' I think genuine K-Bars were relaunched a while back - I had one years ago and it took me ages to break it. There's also a 5" bladed model sold as the USAF issue if I'm right but there are loads of cheapo copies around. Or a Cold Steel Tanto? Virtually indestructible. However, these will get you nicked in UK, or may be confiscated on a hairyplane so...

    Maybe a decent sized folder? CRKT make cracking blades but the price isn't stupid so if it gets lifted not too many tears. Most if not all have onehanded opening and are pretty weatherproof. Or Buck make some decent sized folders that are pretty robust.
  12. What's wrong? Me? Or the blatent lie peddaled to a private soldier with no-one there to back him up by some over-promoted bully?