Guns For Bikes

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. No it's not about a new attachment for your hawg.

    Brace your self JJH, dark forces are clearly at work not just in the Bay Area but also South of the border.

    On Clean Technica Guns For Bikes Exchange In Uruguay
    My bold, nobody tell Barry, this is going to tick all his boxes. Mind, Weapons for Life would make a pretty good NRA slogan though.

    From Treehugger Two Per Cent of US Road Deaths Are Cyclists
    That's pretty scary when you consider how rarely American men cycle, far fewer than handle firearms I'd guess. There are only about 10K gun homicides PA and the casualty numbers are getting into the same ball park as gunshot wounds treated in ER, about 70K. Deaths from NDs is an almost identical figure to that from cycling. Life is clearly cheap to these tree hugging lycra wearers or it may be connected with trying to patriotically eat a super sized-sized snack while rolling. Clearly the US has a bike safety problem, Congress should act to end this menace. Guns don't kill people, bicycles do.
  2. Bellend, clearly has standard 37 pat bren pouches and a drum mag on his Tommy..........I can see him falling off changing mags!
  3. If you've got a 100-round drum mag on a Thompson*, why would you want to change mags?

    The motor-bike is a necessary attachment for a Thompson with a 100-round drum mag, just to move the thing around.

    * although I think that may be the 50-round one.
  4. triumph-bonneville-custom.jpg

    I'll swap my 10/22 for this baby anyday.
  5. how about Wehrmacht Kennzeihen, English Bike and the coolest Yank who ever lived?

  6. Nothing new, the Wehrmacht used a fair few Triumphs. There`s a rather good thread over on Histomil concerning Wehrmacht motorcycle derivatives • Information :)
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  7. Not totally implausible, the Wehrmacht acquired a lot of British vehicles after Dunkirk and made use of some of them.