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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gunny Highway, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. I have 100's of photos taken over a 13 year period. I've posted two already. If you like them, please comment and I'll post more (funny and serious ones). If not, piiss off then. Mighty, I 'promise' not to post 'that' photo...........
  2. Post more not seen some of those scrotes for years

    Nice tache by the way, you look like a gay porn star :D
  3. ...and how much are we talking about for you to break that promise and show 'that' pic? :lol:
  4. He wouldn't .............................. would you.

    Anyway, no matter if he does, just another example of a sexy man, being sexy :D
  5. oh in that case ..we'll pay double ...:lol:
  6. As MDN said havent seen some of those Scrotes for years :lol:
  7. I'm sorry, I'm probably being a bit of a techno-idiot.......but how do I access the photos???!!
  8. Or a 70s squaddie....
  9. How did you know I was a 70's gay porn star?

    Good CO has posted some more photo's, although I've submitted quite a few but he's very busy at the mo, hence the slow start. I have a picture of two of the lady boys from the Blue Lantern in Berlin. These two were well known, but Good CO doesn't think they are suitable for posting on ARRSE. Please PM and petition him to post the pic, as I just know a few of you would have met these two 'lovely' ladies.
  10. Anyone remember the Blue Lantern Club? Check out the ARRSE members photos. Remember these two?

    Plus pics of me pee'ing on my mates chicken, and the AAC Diablo Wheel Championship winners pic !!
  11. Gunny has his first proper date tomorrow night for the first time since Xmas. And before you no-dick low life’s go off on one, I've emptied my sack more then one this year over a few slappers, so back on thread.

    The said lady works in the office were I've just finished working. She's quite attractive and seems to be a laugh. Now the problem I'm having is, I just can't get into the mood of looking forward to tomorrow night. She'll expect to be wined, dined and chatted to, but all I just keep thinking about is getting shitfaced and silly.

    The dilemma is, do I bother my arrse and get ready and do the gentleman thing, or do I get bevvied up before hand and enjoy myself, or do I just ring and say I have to 'return some videos/washing my hair/seeing a man about a dog' and then go on the lash with the lads?

    Any chance of some constructive comments please?
  12. Hmmm, it does sound as if you are just going through the motions for this one; if you aren't in the mood, you aren't in the mood, and it has the potential to be a very long evening. Mind you, if she 's definately up for Receiving Swollen Goods whatever happens, it could be worth plastering a patently false smile on your schwadd, and making a few hours of sophisticated and witty small talk, to achieve stickies at the end of the evening. All in all though, if you don't feel any deep and intuitive interest for her, you are better off out with the lads on the lash, and you never know, score some drunken slapper later.

    Aunty Berni.
  13. Cheers Aunty Berni. I was supposed to call her at 8, but the phone on on the otherside of the room, and my bum is glued to the chair with sweaty-arse-itis! I've had one PM (tanx) and it says go and enjoy myself. Little devil keeps popping up on my shoulder and saying "fcuk her, fcuk her brains out".
  14. That 'little' devil that keeps 'popping up' isn't on your shoulder, it's further south and you should listen to it!
  15. Thats not a little devil, just a hssuge zit.