Gunny the manny fagnet.


Kit Reviewer
Well mate, after years of your subtle chat up line in the Gallery to the various SCHs that pitch up, you've finally hit paydirt.

Or is this a relative you've paid to humiliate herself ?
Absolute classy totty Gunny you should be proud (or scared) :lol: :lol:
And I always thought that our little, "sarajane" was one of the more harmless nutters that posted in the gallery.
Without a doubt absolutely classic. :D :D :D
Gunny, you know I have loved you since Day 1, I have lurked outside your back doors for all of my arrse life. I have worshipped you from afar (well about 2 doors down's shed and from my car outside your house), and you tell me now you have found a fatter bird than me?

My life is destroyed.

Who is this woman? How dare she encroach on the love we had (mainly from my side)?

How do I tell Beebs that the man we have both loved and shared (yes - literally) for 3 years (ish) HAS RUN AWAY WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!!!

Gunny, I am so disappointed in you.

She,erm, looks special....

When is the big day???
Gunny, you are a f*ccking wretch, end of dit.


If it does go dry bum, don't forget your friends, if you get my drift... :D


Kit Reviewer
I see her suitcase with the gimp suit, Bradford love bricks and Deep Heat spray is packed and ready.
That's the most disturbing thing I've seen since my last date showed me her penis.

The time from bed to door would've made a PTI weep.
My flabber is well and truly ghasted! Gunny, you're a feckin grade A legend mate. So tell me, did "she" manage to stay in character while you bruised "her" kidneys, or did "she" lapse back into Bradford Brickie as you brought "her" to "her" prostate probing induced sex wee? :D
That is the Most desturbing thing that I have ever seen. She do all the Concentration Camp Immate scenes , or what?

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