Gunny is my Hunny!!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jun 22, 2004.

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  1. Yeah - come on!!!!

    You stole me fox. The Gunny is mine. :roll:
  2. Hussy; your just throwing it about now! 8O 8O
  3. I do my best....
  4. Oh Dear God here we go again...
    Reasons we love The Gunny,
    Gunny likes frogs,
    He has a coooooool mug,
    Nice lucky bum,
    Really knows how to use bad language,
    Types very well whilst drunk,
    Tells dirty stories...

    That’s all I have to say on that.

    This Is the BBC…….
  5. Ha ha!! My Gunny Hunny then xxx you Fucking Dancer xxxxxxx
  6. Did the battery blip? 8O ......More concerend that Woodrow Wilson woud cpture you as an industrial hostage :D
  7. What I meant was Jackhammer :D :D
  8. LWM - if you want some - you know where to find it. :lol:

    If not, ask the others - they have all been there..... :wink:

  9. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    well that Snail has really come out of her shell of late,
    man on the hit list all being dragged to the top ten.....

    Dale what is this?

    'If not, ask the others - they have all been there.....'

    Dale-whaily have you been cheating on the BBC?
    Tell all, but do not break my heart and throw me over for some man!
  10. Dale is on the hall floor with her dog telling him Gunny is gay...... 8O

    Dale says.......

    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah,
    she's a drunken dullard that smells of piss and twiglets...

    BBC can confirm! 8O

    But loves her anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't alcohol wonderful?

    and why does Dale have a hole in the VERY back of her kylies?????

    answers on a postcard please........ :oops:
  11. Eh, eh and eh again??.................
  12. Dear God the confusion's infectious!!!!!!!!!! 8O
  13. Eh again...................
  14. ME TOO....... eh?????

  15. Slug is not well. BBC broke me.....