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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by semper, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. hello all , thank you for all your advice regarding No2s , found a few things as well.

    i have another question regarding Ranks

    as far as i know youhave ranks like

    Private = Bombadier

    Lance Corporal = Lance Bombadier

    Corporal = Bombadier

    im not too clear on the others would you be able to tell me more, also other badges such as Cannons over stripes and other gunner trade badges and how they are worn ? if any picture links that would be much appreciated, thanks

    My Cadets had a good time collecting for Poppies in town centre , representing your cap badge, the rain held off too :), i also changed my cap badge so they know i am now with them , they will probably need time to get used to me , so any knowledge of gunners is a help particularly gunners quirks and foibles :D
    every Regiment has one , its the law ! :wink:
  3. Err Private is a Gunner, I'm taking it that was a typo

    Cannons are worn above Stripes for Sgts and S/Sgts, in the case of Staffys thats above the stripes but below the crown. The cannon is also worn by certain WO1s at the RSA due to post (below coat of arms)

    RA don't go for a lot of badges, and most of them are bulk atandard with the rest of the army. The RA specific ones are hardly worn and only worn on No 2's (Surveyor, Layer that sort of thing)

    Generally if DC Signals qualified then flags are worn on No 2s and JHW (as per CO's descretion), if they are worn then they should be worn above the Stripes NOT on them. The Sigs Sgt gets away with that mainly due to the cannon getting in the way. Please not that ONLY the Sigs Sgt should wear Flags as a Senior Rank. Same goes for PTI swords, if qualified AND authorised (the APTC corpsman can stop qualified personnel who aren't one of his gym queens from wearing the things if he wanted), you can wear them from Gnr to Bdr but have to remove them once you get your 3rd up, ONLY APTC sgts can do that. As to Crossed rifles, well i ain't getting into that as infanteers have a thing about them being worn by RA personel which they are more qualifed to mention.

    Thats all I can think of at the mo, its getting late
  4. yes sorry that was a typo, wellyhead,
    i don't know everything gunner rank.

    what is APTC ?

    i believe St barbara's day falls on Dec 4th , anything celebrated at woolwich firepower museum ? or in London itself ?
  5. Wellyhead, i don't think APTC sgs wear swords above their rank. They are part of the Army Physical Training Corps (APTC) and therefore it is taken as read they are a PTI.
  6. I am 90% sure that they wear them on No2's, but I mayt be wrong, i mean whens the last time you've seen a gym queen in any thing but a blue blouse ?

    Truw they don't wear them on the blue blouse, instead they wear that black and red badge thing on the chest, but that doesn't "translate" so to speak
  7. On fear osf a whaaah but gulp

    Army Physical Training Corps

    no whaah ? phew

    I have never done anything due to St Barbaras day and until I just read it here thats the first I knew of the day.

    RA does everything by Battery, so the only real day celebrated is the Battery Day, which by coincidence was the other day for myself, 5th Nov Inkerman Day.

    Can I just clarify the interest, are you an ACF SI in an RA affliliated unit ?
  8. that is correct , i obviously need to know as much as i can so i can address cadets and adults properly and teach regimental history as well as traditions

    no waaah sorry , if i did one it would be less obvious :wink:
  9. Regarding St Barbara's Day, The RAA have a church service (well I suppose, as it is being held in the conference room at Woolwich, it should be a "conference service"!) followed by a march past of Branch Standards on Front Parade on Sunday 4 Dec. Details can be obtained from the Membership Secretary of the RAA via the website at the following address

    Hope that helps.