Gunners PO Familiarisation Visit

I attended one recently and it was really good.

It was a mixture of talks, watching the guns being fired and P.T (inc a gentle stroll around the assault course :wink: .)

Circuit training after a night in the Y.O's bar was "interesting", to say the least. :D
did you drink out of the owl in the YO's bar?
Yeah, when I went on a Fam Visit about a year ago, they had a hollow stuffed owl behind the YO's bar. They filled it with all the mixed dregs and backwash from people's glasses & a tool in my group downed it, standing on a table. great.
hmmmm, have frequented said bar on numerous occassions...but have never witnessed the owl. The mannequin I have seen (female mannequin filled with drink... drink is dispensed from an intimate area of the plastic babe).
Traditions, eh? Can't beat 'em.
The Owl went MIA after the Summer 2006 YO's Course. The mannequin was added when the bar was redecorated on the following YO's course.

The garden hoses are still on the go though!
I've served as hosting officer on a number of these visits, and the great cry from all of us who have to fill in details on you afterwards to go to the Regimental Colonel goes thusly - Grey men and womendon't get in. Whilst the mess can appear intimidating, don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how daft you think they are and don 't be afraid to let your hair down in the YO's bar. That's what it's there for!

A new influx of YO's tipped up at Larkhill last week and they'll be keen as mustard to get you all on the lash and enjoying yourselves.

Just make sure you'e up for PT the next morning.

There's plenty of time to be a stuffed shirt, thrusting, boring doctrinal sh*t once you get to the 'Hurst. And if you're like that there, we still won't recommend you for a commission!

The only question we are told to bear in mind when on recruiting activities is "Would I want to share a Mess with this person?"

It's up to you to ensure that the answer is yes.

Good luck, and enjoy every moment of it!
I am one of the YO's that will be hosting you and we have a particularly hefty Gunner Funnel to play with...

Top tip..when you get in the bar find out and learn the mess rules or suffer...
Ensure you are in the YOs Bar when you get drunk!

Getting smashed in the rather Nicer Mess in the Main building was not fully appreciated, and if you must get drunk in the Main Bar remain clothed.

After that try not to crease up during the final lunch over the ineptitude of the serving staff, whatever your Hosting officer might say about them.

Dont smoke Lamberts!
FAO: Anyone who was on the above visit...

WANTED: My gilet back! One of you lot (male) was last seen wearing it in the bar. Dark navy Berghaus with Val Thorens logo on.

Reward for information: A drink whenever you're next in the bar.

PM me please!
It's probably a YO trophy, hollowed out and converted into a booze aqualung.

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