Gunners on tour.  what again??

On tour again?  Pan Balkans, UNFICYP, NI or wherever.  If you have a comment, genuine greavance or just want to let off steam.   Put it down.  lets have a laugh.  God knows we need it  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
i have never been to a place as s**t as this,the whole country is stinking! and people actually want to come on holiday here ???they need their heads examining,id much rather go on holiday in skegness than go to Cyprus ever again :)
You not heard CRA says that other gunner units can do the pan balkans bit now they don't need the nasties wrecking whats left of the roads anymore.

Any way you can have Cyprus it cost too much!
Cyprus is a sh*t hole,they can keep it believe me.The thing that makes it worse is that we are back here again in 2004,god!!! ??? what a load of crap,i say give it to some other regiment that hasnt been for a while or not at all  :D
For  the personnel who have worked out exactly who i am whilst on OP TOSCA at the moment, (you know who you are).   Get posting.   ;) ;) ;)


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I expect the photo of you on one of the other threads gave the game away!  


Having identified GQ it didn't take much of a leap to get you as you yourself said that he was your fiance!

Oh well, so much for 'handles'! 8)
Thats right Capt "Bad Drill voice".   As long as you remember who the board daddy is things will work out famously.  ;D.  what happens here, stays here. ;)


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Well, well, well...

All one happy family I suppose!

So much for no names!! ::)


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What do you mean 'Bad Drill Voice'? I'll have you know that I spent hours in the mess practising- not...  :'(
Well back in Cyprus again who want to swap a Balkans tour. Looks like I’ll be coming back here next year as well when I get posted looking forward to already. I’m almost at the point of taking that Falkland Islands job. ………… Almost!
To be truthful though I rather be here than back in the UK in my last job. More sticky buns on exercise anyone good price.
Subbie, you have to spare a thought for the last regiment that had that tour, as you know their rules were slightly stricter than your own.  Also you have the sun there at the moment so whats the problem.  Any other problems with the tour you deserve because you are a Cloud Puncher. ;)
Cloud puncher or rocket scientist its all the same to me but just because its sunny doesn’t make any difference to the job. I’m still stuck in an office I haven’t left for the last 53 days and the boys still stag on. It just means the view out the window is bright and the IT doesn’t work because it’s too hot. As for the restrictions they are exactly the same as the previous regiment adjustments are lets say at the least greatly exaggerated. But like I said before I’d still rather be here than back in the UK.


Go East young man, the grass is much greener, the accomodation better and the focus just a little less daft!

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Would have loved to have gone East a while ago, however, mobility is limited now and I can’t really have a focus because I’ve spilt too much paint on my glasses and can’t see.

Oh by the way just because Cannabis has been decriminalised in civvie street don’t go showing off too much of that green grass, besides if you dry it out in the sun much it's much easier to light

Subbie from Alcatraze out

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