Gunners in Business still in business?

Can anyone help here - a long time ago on my YO's we were told about something called 'Gunners in Business.' As I recall it was an opportunity to look for job opportunities with Gunners who had jumped ship.

Is it still around? I still get Gunnermag, but can find no reference to GIB. Did it fold?

PS: Why was that bloody dog always in Gunnnermag?
The dog is owned by the editor of Gunner Mag. He coats his pecker with marmite and the dog licks it off. For this sterling service to empire the mutt gets its photo in the monthly rag (stops it going to RSPCA).

I havent heard of GIB for ages, but The List (an offshoot of GOALS) is doing remarkably well. They have monthly meetings and seminars in London (at the Liberal Club), in Scotland and recently Salisbury and also Leicester (homes of fox hunting Gunners).

Have a look at their website. They got me my last 2 jobs.
Thanks - I'll have a look at The List.

That dog deserves better. I'll stop hating it.

Let's turn this thread into a competition. I can read Gunnermag in 17 seconds. Can anyone beat that?
The gunner colonel who used to run Gunners in Business left to run The List. The Lits' monthly seminars are the ones that GIB used to run.

For what its worth the TV series "Bad Lads Army Officer class" recruited their officer from one of the List's monthly seminars. Well worth attending even just to see some old faces, Usually fuirst Thursday every month.
I was discussing GOALS with an old friend and had no idea what the initials stood for apart from G for Gunners. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the initials stood for?

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