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Gunners In Arnhem

Am off soon to Arnhem for a Bottlefield/ Battlefield (you choose) soon. Anyone know the following:

1) Good bars (not sure where we are staying)?
2) Good 'Gunners in Arhmen' tips?

I have got the Peter Wilkinson book by the way!

The Korenmarkt in the centre of Arnhem is packed full of bars and clubs - take your pick. It is easily accessible by taxi/bicycle from where (I imagine) you will be staying.
Not gunner specific, but get yourself to Oosterbeck, a suburb outside of Arnhem, great pub on the crossroads there that was an RAP during the battle. It will definately be on a tour itinery, its where 1 Para were ambushed on their approach from the DZ to the town, and the hartenstein museum is just up the road.
Hartenstein is closed for renovations (modernising). Shame really as it was a great museum, the advent of computer displays willo mean the loss of a lot of the content.
There is a new "Battle of Arnhem" visitors ventre right next to John Frost bridge, which is a good starting point as it has a large computerised battle map which gives a good overview and helps to understand the significance of many of the sites in and around Arnhem.

Socialwise cant go wrong in the Korenmarkt try bloopers on the corner for starters. Some (most) of the nightclubs can be a bit funny about letting you in so just find a late bar.
Arnhem war diaries are well worth a look for a good gunner perspective - in particular the HQRA and 1st A/L Light Regt ones.

Good gunner crack - a line from HQRA
FOO put HQRA 19 set on this wave and maintained first class communications on it for rest of battle. System of step up net was used every night on the SOUTH bank of the NEDER River. This wireless link the only really good one of the Division proved invaluable.
Gunner Comms win out again - a good one if there are any RSigs on the tour.

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