Gunners being clicky?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by FLA4ever, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. I know it sounds a bit of an odd title, but i was on a course in Blandford a few months ago, where most of the other students were RAC and one RLC. I was the only Gunner on the course.

    I remember the RLC student said that Artillery units tend to be very "Clicky" in his words, he himself had served in an RA units Wksps.

    I do wonder if what he says is true. I have only ever been in on RA regt and you tend to have your particular groups. The in groups and the out groups. In groups tend to be juniors who are matey with seniors and tend to get special treatment. If you're not involved in any way with this group, in work or out then you tend to be shunned.

    Is this an artillery thing or is it like this with all units regardless of cap badge?
  2. On my 4+5 the RA lads were all top guys. Mixed well and helped everyone else out. Except for one. Who is now a BQ and was a total spanker.

    On our tour the FST lads were top class and kept me sane for 6 months. Not clicky at all and amongst the most professional guys I've ever worked with.
  3. Fair enough reply. Maybe it's just me as i've only ever been Air Defence. I guess it is different in other units after all. Maybe i'm just bitter?
  4. I spent over 4 years in 132Bty Fitter Section, and we were included in all battery functions. Regtl heirarchy disliked attached personnel, but the guys up to BSM were great.
    Now, 203Bty were great up to Sgt, above that they were very cliquey, but the wksp TA liked their all levels. The day staff were good, though.

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  5. Sounds about right, I was attached arms with 132 for a couple of years and aside from a minor mishap (BFS being 'overlooked' on a festive function invite list, swiftly squared away by the Tiff) it was all smiles.
    Although it wasn't up until PDT that we really found ourselves able to integrate, once the ice had been broken they were a pleasure to work with.