Gunners and thier role in peace keeping

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Howdy to everyone, just on the computer today jumping around websites such as 29; and it discussed the role of peace keeping. What aspect do gunners contribute to the role? Is it things such as road blocks, town patrols for wanted individuals?

    Cheers 2CB
  2. 2CB,

    The Gunners primarily complete peace Support operations in an infantry or maneouvre support role. There has been a longstanding role with UNFICYP in Cyprus. This is an infantry tour, but with the, until recently, heavy committment bill to Northern Ireland, the infantry have been unable to provide battalions to fill the committment. It became a tour completed by the Gunners and RAC. however, conversion to CR2 and other operational commitments have meant that the cav have also more or less fallen out of the tour plot. With the requirement for tube arty support to the Balkansin the 90s, most gun regiments were also less able to take on the tour. Add to this Op TELIC and the commitments there, especially in terms of STA and the tour become largely the province of Air Defence Regts. As the Gunner role in Telic has shifted from Close Sp arty to Maneouvre Support, field regts have begun to fit back into the Cyprus tour plot, using it as a bit of an unwind after TELIC.

    The Gunners also played a large role in Northern Ireland, which although a MAC or IS task was basically a long term peace enforcement op (that still continues). This again was in a full Internal Security (infantry) role.

    Gunners have , though, practiced their primary role in Peace Support ops in Northern Iraq in Op HAVEN, after the Iraq war and in the Balkans. UK Lt Guns, Dutch 120mm mortars and French SP 155mm guns were all deployed in support of UN forces in Bosnia in 1993 where thay fired a number of missions against the BSA. After the Dayton agreement the UK commitment was switched to AS90 and these and lt guns were deployed to Kosovo. The Balkan commitment endured for some years but as the requirement for Guns decreased the Gunner role became more infantry focused.

    Latterly in Iraq, CS Arty Regts have deployed with their Bdes in a Manoeuvre Sp role. This basically gives the Bde Comd another BG to utilise. Not having deployed to Iraq in this role I am not the expert, but there will be plenty on here who are. Especially those from 1 RHA who are now in Cyprus, so will have plenty of time on their hands to spend on ARRSE.

    As to the low level tactics of peace support ops, they are wide ranging and theatre specific. However patroling and domination of the ground and surveillance and observation are pretty common themes, and ones that Gunners are highly competant at.

    Hope this answers your question.

  3. PP,

    That was a terrific response thank you kindly. As you know still learning all the lingo, what curtails manouvere support?

    Cheers 2CB

  4. So, in summary UBIQUE :wink:
  5. The Gunners also provide ISTAR coverage for peace support. Cymbeline & Halo on Unprofor, Ifor, Sfor & Kfor. UAV for Kfor and Op telic. WLR for Op Veritas & Telic. SRG for Op Telic. The UAV & STA Gnrs are still working primary role out there.
  6. Gunners do these Inf tours and don't get paid for doing it.... is that wrong??
  7. Belt Fed,

    I've done 4 such tours and been paid on every one of them - be more specific.

  8. The issue over pay is that the Inf are getting higher rate for doing what is their primary job, whereas our boys are getting mostly lower rate under pay cut 2000 for doing the same job.

    Surely this is wrong but we dont seem to be able to get the big boys to engage on this issue.

    Arguments that we are not specialists fall flat when Regiments such as 26 and 40 caried out exactly the same role as the Inf BGs on TELIC 2 and 3. Surely the boys should get the pay rise for the duration of the tour at least.

    Anyone care to disagree?
  9. Does that mean that the SSGT Gunners who are on the Higher Band would be paid the Infantry SSgt Lower Band ?
  10. What I believe belt_fed means is that Gunner soldiers deploy on peace support operations in the infantry role but do not get infantry pay.

    1 RHA recently deployed on TELIC 4; they were split to the four winds - one was attached to 1 CHESHIRE BG to provide trg for the IPS. They were not equipped with artillery; they were patrolling (indeed, they were patrolling providing base security, ground holding and even reserve platoons for Coy adv to contacts).

    Picture the scenario. A Cpl and Bdr in O Gp for patrol in Iraq. Cpl and Bdr doing exactly the same job, but the Cpl is on a hefty wedge more than the Bdr. I understand that the Cpl has done more Infantry cses (Jnr Brecon etc), but the Bdr may (in theory) have done it (the RHA/RA send SSgts to RMAS who have to do Jnr/Snr Brecon etc); he may also have done other Inf type cses.

    If Gunners are deployed in the Inf role, then they should be paid for it.
  11. Does that mean that the SSGT Gunners who are on the Higher Band would be paid the Infantry SSgt Lower Band ?
  12. Druid,

    I was aware of the issue, but as AT EASE points out it is not as simple as all that. As Gunners we should all be aware that Pay 2000 was not handled brilliantly by HQ DRA, and that we have marked time where others have seen increases to higher bands. This will not be rectified overnight and our best hope is to make our grievances known through the chain of command and to the AFPRB. Meanwhile we have to buckle down and crack on with the job, continuing to prove that we can perform to at least the same standards as the infantry in their own area of expertise.

  13. "Pay 2000 was not handled brilliantly by HQ DRA"

    Before P2K was introduced the JSJET teams talked to all trade sponsors. One sponsor, no clues for guessing who , did not talk to them. That is why most RA Pay bands, even those in the higher pre P2k banding system, were set to lower on the inception of P2k because there was no case put forward to make them Higher band.
  14. I wonder, if it had involved their pay do you think they would've put a stronger case forward?