Gunner, worth it?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mazur_UK, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. I'm interested in joining RA as a 105 gunner but is it worth it? Do you get any decent qualifications for civvy street? I've tried to ask recruiters but all they say is stuff like "Oh you'll love it...blah blah blah" they just tell me about the acommodation etc. Also what do you do in a normal day, when your not on ops or exersise? I have again tried to ask recruiters but they dont give straight answers. Any info would be welcome.
  2. Very little trades in the army have civvy quals worth anything, many require further civvy course to "bring them up to speed" Also most whioo did something vaugley civvy orientated end up doing something completly differnet, in my old unit we had a lot os Survey Qualified people of all of them that left only one went to become a surveyor, the rest arethings like Police, Data Coms and fitting Sky dishes (the latter person is a poster on here and I am sure he will pop up and comment)

    My advice mate is look for something you like and do it and sort your self out later, I did 12 yrs came out with loads of great army trades, non of which are suited for the outside world. Got myself retraded in IT and now run my own company. The army may not givr you the qualification, but it will give you the bollox and self confidence to sucede

    BTW might want to change the title of the post, its a little misleading

    edited to add: But doesn't teach you to spell before anyone comments
  3. Sound advice. You have to take some responsibility for yourself. Army trades differ from Civilian equivalents (where the are any similarities). In most jobs, if you are not out on Ops or Ex you will be in Barracks, cleaning kit, repairing kit, preparing kit (to go out on Ops or Ex), occasionally guarding camp and or training, ie rangework, specialist training or PT. If you are lucky you may be on external courses to gain qualification or away on Adventure Training, sadly there are less of these oppurtunities as we are all so chuffin busy.
  5. ok thanks for the advice so far guys i'm currently working on fitness, GCSE PE, loads of sports run and stuff, but making sure that i don't over streach my self, i dont want to not be accepted through medical reasons.
  6. I agree, I was in the Infantry (Royal Anglian Regt) so didnt come out with any trades worth having & few Army related skills worth mentioning at a job interview. But that said, I quickerly conquered my fear of heights, got much stronger as a person (insults rolled of me), physically stronger & more confident. As a Lance Jack I also learnt a bit about people management and motivating people + responsibality not just for your own well being but for the well being of others in your team, team work leading a small team & being part of a larger team. I also now run my own business.

    The Army does offer life skills, but not of the qualification kind most employers will expect. Plus the skill the Army teaches need to be tailored to civvy life...that is were many of my Comrades had problems (the adapting to civvy life). Generally from what I have heard over many years, the longer your in the harder it is to adapt to civvy life. The Army when I was in was not like any other job, you signed on for 4 years and if you didnt like it after you'd passed basic training then you were going to have to start liking it... unlike most jobs in civvy street quitting was not a real option. You could get out, but it was not going to easy, so it made you dig deep inside yourself and find strength to carry on... not a bad thing, it has really helped me through life when things have got tough. :wink:
  7. I disagree, I think you'll find the Royal Engineers are quite well qualified and do well when they leave. REME arent daft either, or QARANC or Sigs.
  8. You need to have a good think about what you want from life before deciding on what path to take. The Artillery isnt a bad mob to join and if your physically fit, keen and have a bit of common sense you can do really well. If your easily bored with mundane routine you might want to think about REME or RE to get a trade. Dont worry too much if your choice isnt what you expected theres always other careers in the army that you can transfer to. These include REME, PTI (if your that way inclined), int corp etc. Dont get pushed into a job that you dont want to do by the careers office they have targets to meet and sometimes push people in a direction that they dont want. As for qualifications you get an annual education allowance to go towards civilian quals and some units allow day release to college (workload depending). The secret is convincing your unit your doing them a favour by doing the courses i.e. i'll do that ski instructor course so i can organise adventure training for you.
  9. Thanks mate thats explained why the recruiters somethime skirt questions about everday life. Just so long as i dont get a desk job i'll be fine.

    If i get the grades then i might think about officer. What is your views? I have been previosly told that anything above Captain is a desk job and anything below Captain is basically lounging around doing paperwork and writing out signels.
  10. I am not an officer but if you get the chance then go for it. At the end of the day its better to lead than to follow. What you must know is that sometime in your career you will reach a rank where you are doing a desk job, the only way to avoid this is to be constantly up to your neck in the brown and smelly stuff. Just think though for example at 39 do you still want to be humping shells around, i think not. Whatever route you take you wont be stuck behind a desk for your first few years, though as an officer you will have more paper work to do.
  11. i know that at the end of my career i will have a desk job, but i recon by then i wont want to be in the field, i just dont want to start with loads of paperwork and stuff. Thanks for your reply though
  12. I served 22 years with 29 and 16 regts and belive me if you go into 7 Para or 29 Cdo you will have a fantstic time. You will see and do things and experience places that you would never see if you didnt join.

    Life as a 105 gunner (given that I never worked on the guns! I was OP's all the way thru my 17 years with 29) is hard work but also more rewarding as you get to work alongside the infantry more than you would in a field regt.

    If you serve long enough you end up polishing a desk whether or not you go in as a rupert or a OR!!!
  13. It is great fun in the early years of service, but you should consider what you might end up with in terms of employment options. If you do take a trade like RE, Veh Mech or Nurse or Sigs you can still do all the rough tough stuff ( you can even join the SAS if you're good enough) but at the end of the day you will still have that basic trade
  14. right sniffle-snaffle here we are with some one who wish to join our ranks,so either do him a favour and help him out or SHUT UP and stay under the rock your crawl from under.

    Right Mazur-UK,no matter what we are doing in the army day to day life is always busy,we are either on ops or training for ops,be it course or some other thing,but if you just serve four years or the full twenty two years then you will gain a lot of pride,discpilne and experince which is valued a lot on the other side of the wire,I have been in a air defence regt for the past 16 years,I worked on the launchers and then recce,but now I have taken a step back wards and transfered to the MT,it is part desk work and part vehicle work,but I have always enjoyed my self and as proving in Iraq I was ready to pick up my rifle and deploy outside the wire on patrol,what ever you decide I wish you good luck and the main thing is to enjoy it and do well,you will be part of a brotherhood that is equal to no other and that you can be proud of,once in always in
  15. Thanks Radar, i have a mate in RGJ and he spends most of his days on the range, is it like that in RA or do you only live fire on exersise every 3 months or whatever?