Discussion in 'Gunners' started by goatbagthedruid, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Whilst having a sleepless night, I pondered urban myths.

    I remember hearing about a BC's small dog being fired from a gun in Germany - it was a small, yappy thing and the bunnies didn't like it. It was 'encouraged' into the chamber and then sent down range.

    Also, what about the gunners running away from their guns and then the sappers taking them over and firing them?

    Can anyone pass info on these and are there anymore?

  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I heard that it was a BC's dog (a pug or something similar) that was lured into the barrel and fired at the ranges in Larkhill.
    Legend had it that when the BC asked about the whereabouts of the said hound he was told "it's over there" whilst being directed toward the live firing target area with a vague sweep of the arm.

    If it's not true it should be.
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  3. There was a tale going around years ago that all the blokes in King's troop weren't gay and a blinder saying that 32 Regt could pass a BFT.
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  4. I was told this by a bloke in 39Bty in Wainright. It was supposedly fired from the old 8inch howitzer or something like that, I would I know, I was a grunt.
  5. GBTD,
    posting at 0513hrs? did you soil the bed?

    I have come across a number of Gunner Urban Myths in my time, the aforementioned doggy dit being the favourite. Everybody that recounts it knows someone who knew someone who was there, but I personally have never encountered anybody that was present at the event.

    That saying, if it was a wire haired dog, then that would be excellent for descaling the barrel
  6. This urban myth was mentioned in a book called , Dont cry for me sargeant major .
  7. Not an expert on ballistics but would not the pressure in the barrel mash the dog up rather than project it? (I was supposed to be en-route as TARA but the sybills got me first!)
  8. Are you sure it wasn't the follow up book " Try not to laugh Sargeant Major"
  9. 32 could pass a BFT if they all did 10m each
  10. SOILREP and clean sheets not needed my old friend, was just too 'tired' from last night's drinks with some techno-boffins and needed to 'refresh' before going to work!! A bit of geekery is that the clock on ARRSE works on GMT as I posted at 0613hrs!

    Another urban myth is the belief that you can send the NIGs to go and get tartan paint, a long weight/ wait and batteries for the trilux lights! Have never come across that before - anyone experienced it?

    Also the stories of the exercise Mexican Bum W*nk where the large Gun No 1, who has not washed his ARRSE for the entire time, 'gets' hold of a CPO/ annoying BRO/ a foolish FOO (who, for some reason, makes his way down to the Gun Position) and carries out the lift and glide on previously mentioned YO. Normally Gun No 1 has piles which will obviously burst on YO.


  11. Ref Mexican bum w^nk, not heard the FOO story but another arrse member might know something about bum w^nks in the back of a BTY CP/MFDC ??????? Whether he'll admit to it is another matter, NOT my arse or leg involved !
  12. Definately ,dont cry for me , other pranks for nigs was to send them to the bty fitter for a fitters clip , they would come back and ask which side, we send tjhem back and say both sides and make them hard ones , so fitter would give them a clip around the lugholes , another steam for the bucket, nig would walk back from various departments holding the bucket upside down after boiling kettle into it , bubble for the spirit levels and grind the corners of . just a few i heard
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  13. Aye JONCAL, and "long stands n tartan paint" too.
    Where does the reference "plank" come from, I heard it was fromWW1 when frozen/stiff dead were put under gun wheels to get out of the mud. Any ideas on "steamy"?
  14. Just thought of another gunner myth. There was talk of a US Lance det up in the Hebs firing with transit straps in place holding missile onto the LWL. The story goes that launcher and msl both ended up in the sea !
    Never did find out if it was true or not ???????
  15. Urban Myth that Gunner_Remf actually did a days work in 22 years..