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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by BROCKS, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. :?: ive been out 10 years now and was wondering what the gunner tug o war scene is like these days? as i said before i pulled for jlrra,who were renowned for being awesome,but when i went to 26, the champions always seemed to be 40 regt,are they still a great team or is some other regiment the regular winners these days?i look back with a smile on my face...until i realise how shagged my shins are haha :D
  2. I remember the days when 50 where the team to beat, must have been in the mid 80's sometime, they won the armies and pulled at the royal tournament, breamar to name a few. I also remember a REME guy called Vince Zammit was the coach for a while and he used to have the boys running miles with sand bags in each hand and pulling what seemed to be tons of metal in a cage up and down a big tree, chanting 'push-lift,push-lift' for hours and waking every twat up within a 500 meter radius.
    Iv'e heard that a few of the team have experienced some health problems because of it I'm not surprised, a very hard sport. I tried pulling in the inter batteries once at both weights, and by the end of it I couldnt grip a thing and I had a lot of respect for the pullers ever since.
  3. Was in the JLRRA team 77-78. Remember the Derrick well, at the end of one of one of the hangars. Used to spend hours on it in absolute agony, good character building stuff.

    Won the Army championships and came runners up in the Nationals, one competition on Saturday then the next on the Sunday. The winners were gobsmacked we had won the Armies the day before and pulled in the Nationals the day after seeing as though the final went on for ages.

    Shame though, a couple of days rest and we would have walked it.
  4. the coach of juniors squad when i pulled was tug lawson(lt.col retd),back in 91/92.he was a bit of a legend,and i know hed been the previous intakes coach,and took them all the way as well! i thought some of the staff at jlrra were first class knobs,but tug was a man who had been a ranker all the way to lt.col!!!,i couldnt even get lance jack haha,so he had loads of respect,and he was compassionate with us young lads,does anybody know whatever happened to him?he was passionate about tug o war,only a tiny little guy himself but loads of heart,someone said hed been airborne,before 7rha were the para gunners. :?: :)
  5. forgot to mention tug lawsons right hand man,wo2 a*** nutt.he was ex 50 regt and an awesome guy,about 6ft3 and 17 stone,hed done it all with the sport and he told us he had the army record for walking with sandbags? phenomonal grip,but again was a really spot on guy,and looked after the team,whatever happened to him?i heard a rumour prior to getting out(96) that he wasnt well? hope the rumour was wrong!!
  6. The guy you mentioned Brocks was my coverer at 50 when I first got there and a top bloke, built like an ox, somebody was trying to trace him on the 50 web site.
  7. Just looking back, and I remember Tug lawson, A. Nut.
    All those hours walking around camp with sandbags.
    I was in JLRRA and was there Oct '89-90, doing all those Competions at the weekends, I was in nicholson troop, and was the no.8. I've still got the team photo for that year. Then I moved onto 19 Regt Ra 28/148 bty and continued with TOW
  8. [​IMG]

    The Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery

    Tug-Of-War Squard July 1990
    Edite by Mod. (Some of these are still serving)

    Christ how did I get away with a bad hair cut like that
  9. I was quite a bit before your time, JLRRA 1952-56 but after a few years I joined 94 Loc Regt and Tug Lawson was one of the Sgts that took me on my NCOs cadre course. I eventually went on a course at Larkhill and became AIG (EWCB). Tug came on the next course after me.
    While we were at 94 Loc I remember going on exercise with Tug and his dog "Snoddy". As you say he was quite a character and was training the regimental TOW team then. I was not big enough for that but I still remember the block and tackle torture machine he used to train the team.
    While at Larkhill I remember he bred Turkeys for Xmas.
    After I left Larkhill I lost touch with him.
    I wonder if he is still alive, he must be about 80 as he was a few years older than me. I'm 77 .
    If anyone knows of his where abouts I would love to hear from them.
  10. Hi

    Just to say I am Tug's son and yes he is still "alive and kicking" and living in the Midlands. Still involved in Tug of War and will be attending the Nationals that take place at Sobron Barracks Lincoln on Saturday 21 June 14. We will both be attending to see one of the best 560 teams this country has ever had.
  11. Hi John how you keeping don't know if you remember me I used to pull in your Dads team at the S of A also hooked for the Gunners I remember you well just before you left School and you promised to take my Gunners spot when you joined Ha ha . Met your Dad about 2004 at a ATS fete he had just come back from S. Africa with some TOW lads. Please give him my regards. Johno Will try and upload a photo. 67 Army Champions

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