Gunner Special Observor

Hi all i am currentley in the process of getting into the army i have done :

Barb Test

and i am going to York for my nuturing of wednesday

does any one know after selection how quick i could get into basic training

with me wanting to do this trade will it slow the process down ?
Have you asked your recruiter at the ACIO/ AFCO? I think he would be a good first port of call rather than a web forum.

For my 2pf, I am fairly certain you will need to join another RA regiment first (Field, Air Defence, etc.) and get some service in before applying for the course through your chain of command once at your regiment. Even if that is not the case, I would reccomend it as the course is not a simple attendance one.
Correct Lofty,

Get in to the Royal Regiment, get some time in and then apply.
Incorrect - you can join 4/73 Battery (Special Observers) straight from Phase 2.

Your choice of trade will not slow down your entry procedure.

I don't know how long between selction and entry to Phase 1 - do you mean ADSC?
django_strikes said:
Incorrect - you can join 4/73 Battery (Special Observers) straight from Phase 2.
However, I personally recommended that you don't

Many people arrive from other units, stay with the battery for several years then have the option to pursue careers elsewhere.

Direct Phase Two admission will hamper your choices IMHO. (Better to crack on and then volunteer after a year or two)
It is also my opinion that people should get some "time in" before attempting the Patrols Course for 4/73, but by the letter of the law they can go straight there.

Of course, like volunteering for 7 or 29, the new soldier will be given a "Shadow" Regiment that they move to if they fail the volunteer course. this may be a Regiment they have no interest in - ie volunteer for 4/73, fail Patrol Course and get sent to 16 Regt (as an example) when all they want is OPs.

IMHO they would be better to choose a Gun Regiment, go to the OPs (well request it), get experience and then volunteer, but I dont make the rules and there obviously isn't a huge problem with the guys arriving from Phase 2 or they would have closed that door.
In my limited yet accurate experience according to you guys and a few other army lads including my recruiter, it's best to go for OP asst and then move onto the 16 week patrols course when you're fitness is at top notch as it's meant to be pretty rigorous. this is the route that I shall be taking, I start basic May 26th pirbright.
Actually, the first test is do a search on the forum and read any one of the other seven thousand threads that are running on 'Special Observer' or '4/73 Battery'

F*ck me, when I joined you went to Woolwich, joined the Royal Artillery then concentrated on CMSR until they TOLD you where you were going.


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