Gunner Robert Boyce - WW2

Hello again all,

After the amazing info you guys found for a Mr William Boyce about his Great Grandfather (William), he's got the bug and has started digging around further and is now looking for his father....

The only details I have at present are:
Gunner Robert Boyce
125 Anti Tank Regiment Sunderland (maybe) but has was RA.
Joined 1/5/1939
No 914455

On speaking to William today he mentioned his father was thought to have been captured and died in Singapore, but sometime in the future the family received a telegram (which he still has) that Robert Boyce was alive and well and he returned home a few weeks later, but other than that he has no other knowledge of his Dad's career in the army....

He's begun to register on a few sites also - ancestry etc but thought I'd ask here again.....


Or, if not - what sites do you guys use to get this info - in particular the military stuff as William can't find the mil stuff on the regular civvy-type sites.


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